Jedediah Bila

Jedediah Louisa Bila, born January 29, 1979, is an American television and radio host, columnist, and author. She is a co-host on ABC's The View. She is a former Fox News contributor and was a panelist on Outnumbered. She was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. She was an intelligent and talented girl and very good in studies, as well as extracurricular activities. She has stated on Twitter that she is of Italian descent, though details about her parents and siblings are not available. Subsequently, she moved on to leadership powers in marketing and education fields. She also was formerly an academic advisor and high school dean. She has worked extensively as a teacher. Her teaching career includes jobs with middle school, high school and college students, doing workshops in Spanish, academic writing, public speaking and monolog coaching etc. Hailing from New York she is presently residing in Manhattan. 


She graduated from the Wagner College as valedictorian with a Bachelors of Arts degree and got her Master of Arts degree from the Columbia University. She also did advanced adult workshop at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York. 


Her debut was made on the 15th of August 2012 when she served as a guest in one of the local television stations on numerous occasions. March 17th, 2014 was her first guest hosting program for promoting a new book of Greg Gutfeld on Fox News, becoming a regular guest speaker on Fox Business and MSNBC ad radio talk shows, Jedediah's fame started growing. 

Her continuous contributions to columns like Human Events, the Daily Center, Newsmax, and The Blaze in various topics spanning culture, music, politics and fitness allowed her to expand her differing viewing audiences. 

It is, therefore, not surprising when she was eventually offered a position by Fox News to become a panelist on their talk show - Outnumbered. She has also worked as a panelist on other radio stations including 1450 WCTC where she co-hosts many different talk shows. 

Bila is famous for her take-the-bull-by-the-horn approach to issues. This has won her many followers and fans alike. She candidly discusses issues affecting the political classes and parties in the US. Though she is a Republican, she mentions the deceit that the Conservative parties undertake while bragging about honesty and all-inclusiveness in their approaches. The rot, as she claims, that the parties have perfected to fool the general public while in reality, the opposite actions are being made, pointing to their true intentions. She challenges the status quo with a pint of humor.  

In her criticism, she does not spare her affiliation either. She openly states the weaknesses in her party and encourages the audience to critically evaluate their political choices thoroughly and to not base their preferred candidates solely based on their politic party preference, but on assessment of the individual. 

Her book - Outnumbered is a good media for espousing the political inclination of the system. She discusses in-depth politics in it. Her talked oscillates about it and is delivered in myriad of platforms including social media, TV shows, radio talk shows and even her websites. Her latest article in her website vividly makes comparison between Joan Rovers (a comedian) and her Brooklyn-raised colleagues. It blends harsh reality with a comical laughter. Yet the point is made across.  


She is currently working for the Fox News Agency, co-hosting The View and other commentaries. Due to her hard work and desire to soar higher in her career; she has many fans and admirers throughout the world. 


Besides using print and electronic media, Bila has written a Book titled Outnumbered: Chronicles of a Manhattan Conservative. She is headstrong for everyone's political rights and is critical about the left wing's cynicism and hypocrisy. 

Before joining the media, she worked with children from age three and adulthood, teaching them about educational development, Spanish, Academic writing, and languages. She also dedicated time to mentor the youth of entering the leadership positions of Marketing and Education. 

She mentioned that visiting France, Italy and Belgium 20 years old made her appreciate and recognize old architecture, diverse cultures and extensive rich history. It enabled her to experience the absolute beauty of the world.  Visiting Spain granted her the time and ability to learn the language fluently and she enjoyed the summer heat. 

In-line with Sarah Palin, Jedediah is known as a conservative female who appeared on the news scene quickly. When questioned about her career transformation to political commentary from creative writing, she quietly mentioned that writing is her passion and hence she got immersed in academic writing as well. It was the presidential elections of 2008 that changed her career. She was carried away by the publicity and the media attention and decided to focus her time on the political arena.  

Private Life 

Jedediah is a very conservative writer who is also a very effective and dedicated political commentator.  She has flair to articulate her ideas spontaneously, thus, catching the interest of aspiring experts, all over the spectrum. Mark Levin once referred to Jedediah as ‘a fresh rising star’, during one of his radio programs. 

She has a dog named Emma, which she spends a lot of time with. She is currently unmarried, but she has dated men and fondly remembers them as very nice experiences. Throughout the years she dated a few of her co-hosts and a few others were very well-known publicly known TV personalities. With the many dates and breakups, there were a lot of rumors about Jedediah Bila’s personal life. However, there has been no marriage so far. 

Her net worth is not certain but it is estimated to be around 1.5 Million US dollars. She claims that the most serious and best 5 decisions she has taken in life include her visit to Rome, Bruges and Paris at 20; her summer time spent in Spain in 1999; learning Spanish; and her workshops at the American Academy. Her hobbies include watching shows like Dancing Moms, reading books like Great Gatsby and eating food such as freshly squeezed juice and gourmet burgers. 

She is also into fitness and enjoys natural organic food. 

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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