Heather Hiscox

Heather Hiscox is a Canadian news anchor who broadcasts CBC News Now on the CBC News Network from 6 to 10 a.m. on weekdays. She was also the host of CBC News: Morning, the network's previous flagship morning television program, absorbed into CBC News Now when the network rebranded in 2009.


Hiscox was born on 18 November 1965 and was raised in Owen Sound, Ontario, in a medical family. Both of Heather's parents were medical doctors, but this did not influence her career choice when she grew up. She had a very wealthy childhood because of her parents' professions. Having one parent be a doctor would be more than enough income for a household, but Heather was lucky enough to have two doctor parents. Canadian doctors do not make as much money as American doctors because of the different health care systems. Health care is free in Canada, so the pay level is lower than it is in America. The good thing about Canadian doctors is that they are not motivated by money. They will not give a false diagnosis to a patient to make a payment for a new yacht. Even though they weren't millionaires, Heather's parents could still provide her with a very comfortable childhood.

Heather decided not to pursue the same path as her parents for multiple reasons. She saw how many hours her parents worked. Hiscox missed them because they were always away at work. She understood that they were helping people and saving lives, but it was still hard for a little girl to spend so little time with her parents. She did not want to end up in the same situation where she would not spend precious moments with her children.

She also did not want to deal with the pain of the negative experience in the field. Even though doctors save many lives, they also have to see the other side. They have to see death and the sad faces of loved ones when they lose someone close to them; they had to see sick children who were unlucky not to have an entire life.

Heather respected the work of her parents, but she needed to carve her path to find happiness. She decided to pursue college degrees in French and Journalism.


Heather completed her education at the University of Toronto, graduating in 1986 with a Bachelor's Degree in French. She wanted a degree in French because of Canada's population. Even though they mainly speak English, there are many regions in Canada where they speak French. Being able to speak French would be a great asset to Heather. It would help her job prospects tremendously because employers tend to favor bilingual workers. She would converse with people she ran into in her daily life, but it would also come in handy in her broadcasting work.

After getting her first degree, Heather received her Master's Degree in Journalism from the University of Western Ontario in 1987. Getting her Master's Degree in just one year shows how much of a hard worker she was. She may not have followed the same medical path as her parents, but she inherited their work ethic.



Heather dreamed of becoming a journalist when she was a young girl. She became a radio DJ in 1982 at a local radio station in her hometown of Owen Sound in Canada. Heather continued to work in radio while pursuing her Bachelor's Degree in French, equipping her with on-the-job knowledge. She continued working in radio after her graduation before transitioning to television in 1991.

Heather worked for Global Television Network, CBC Montreal, CFPL-TV, and CHCH, Ontario. She was the co-host with Steve Garrison for the 1290 CJBK morning show in London, Ontario, during 1990-1991. Previously from 1988 to 1989, Heather worked with FM96 CFPL-FM during the evenings and afternoons. She currently hosts CBC's News Now CBC News: Morning.

She is a brilliant television producer with innovative ideas regarding creating and sustaining successful television programs. Her programs attract many viewers and actively engage their interests in current news stories. She researches her news subjects thoroughly before each show, and her dedication to her job shows in the number of viewers that remain loyal year after year. She is very interested in current events and wants to present them to viewers where they can consume them and learn something.

Heather leaves nothing to chance when it comes to ensuring that everyone is informed on the latest developments. She has covered major news events, incidents, and developments. Heather reported on the 2008 United States presidential elections, the shooting of RCMP officers in Moncton, the Cougar helicopter crash in the Atlantic Ocean, and the historic Diamond Jubilee celebrations for Queen Elizabeth II. She has also reported on the Olympics games in Athens, Beijing, Vancouver, London, Turin, and Sochi. Getting to report the Olympic Games was like living out a dream for her. She got to travel to exotic locations and immerse herself in their cultures.

Personal Life

Heather gained so much visibility in her newscasting role that film producers noticed her. She has acted in programs like Where the Money Is, A Diva's Christmas Carol in 2000, and Christine Cushing Live in 2001. Heather is married to Dr. Martin Goldbach, a Canadian cardiac surgeon. Even though she didn't become a doctor like her parents, she married one to continue the family legacy. Her parents were delighted with her choice because they could relate to him. The couple split their time between London, Ontario, and Toronto, Ontario.

Heather competed in the Miss Teen Canada Pageant and won the title in 1981.

Heather is an activist for women's rights. She supports several women's rights organizations. She participates in national and international conferences on women's rights issues.

In her spare time, Heather enjoys traveling with her husband. Through her work, she has been exposed to different cultures. She enjoys traveling on her time without deadlines or rushed meetings. She can explore the cultures without having to worry about work.

Last Modified: Aug 16, 2021

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