Carolyn Manno

Carolyn Manno, the American sports reporter and journalist, was born in 1984 in Florida, USA. She graduated in telecommunication from the University of Florida. Considered by her friends as a tomboy in her younger days, her main interest was in sports, especially football which was then considered to be a sport for guys only. Her success is not small. She entered a male bastion and made her mark. Her impressive television coverage and reporting of various sporting events was indeed very successful. Currently she is a reporter at NBC Sports Network of the NFL review show Football Night in America. Additionally she covers the basketball and football games for NBC.

In her earlier days, Manno focused on making a career in reporting sporting events especially the football games. Her first job was in South Bend where she covered news for Notre Dame Fighting Irish, Clubs and White Sox, Chicago Bears, Indy 500 and Indianapolis Colts. After spending three years in South Bend, she moved on to Comcast Sports Net, New England where she covered The Super Bowl, Stanley Cup and The NBA Finals played by Celtics and Boston Bruins.

In 2009, she left Comcast Sports and joined NBC. She was a highly talented television reporter and her performances were impressive. She hosted several major shows for NBC such as the XXX Summer Olympic Games. In 2012, she signed a multiple-year deal. It allowed her to perform multiple duties on multiple fields. In 2014, NBC’s coverage of the Sochi Olympic Winter Games was covered by Manno.

Put in a nutshell, Manno, by the age of 30, has covered America’s important sports such as NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, college football and covered international sporting extravaganzas like the Tour de France, Summer Olympics and Winter Olympics. Manno is not only a successful and talented sports reporter. In her busy life she does make time to play golf and go skate-boarding. She is a fan of Aston Villa, an English soccer side. 

Her outstanding and impressive coverage of various sporting events has earned her the name of female icon in the sports industry. The talented young lady has received many honors for her reporting achievements, some of which are the Edward R. Murrow Award and the Indian Spectrum Award. Her fans all over the world not only enjoy her television coverage but also admire her grace and beauty.  On the social media, Twitter, Manno is very active. She has a huge fan following numbering 84.76 k. She keeps updating and tweeting about her recent activities.

Carolyn Manno is a beautiful young woman. A very private person, she likes to keep her personal life under wraps, far from the media glare, gossip columns and prying eyes. Publically, she has not been seen with a guy or dating. There is known relationship either in college or in her work spot. She is so private that her actual date of birth, the names of her parents, or whether she has siblings or not are no where mentioned on the internet. No one knows if there was a marriage or divorce in her life. What anyone knows of her is her steadfast focus on her career.

Last Modified: Mar 15, 2020

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