Chris Jansing

Christine Jansing nee Kapostasy is a famous American television personality. She was born on January 30, 1957 in Fairport Harbor, Ohio, USA, to Joseph Kapostasy of Hungarian descent and Tily of Slovakian descent. She hails from a large family and is the youngest of 12 children.  She graduated from Otterbein University. While in college, she worked at the college radio station and was exposed to journalism. She soon got hooked on it. She entered college as a student to major in political science, but her new interest in journalism saw her switch from political science to broadcast journalism. In 1978, she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism. 

To be a good journalist, Chris needed to ask questions. In fact, Chris was inquisitive and always asked questions. She remembers a time when she was a young child an unknown woman walked into the house and addressed her mother as mom. Confused she questioned the lady as to why she called her mother mom. The lady told Chris that she was her sister who left home when Chris was a baby.

Currently Chris is working for NBC News as a Senior White House correspondent. She has been with MSNBC for around 25 years. Currently, she is the host of the show Jansing and Company on MSNBC since October 2010. It is a weekday morning news program that airs at 10am ET. When she is not available for filming, Richard Lui, her in-studio correspondent replaces her. 

Soon after graduation, Chris worked as a general assignment reporter for WNYT, Albany, and later as an anchor at the same place. She stayed with WNYT for 17 long years. It was during her tenure there that she covered the 1996 Olympic Games. In 1998 she joined NBC as an anchor and reported for MSNBC. Chris is a hard worker and ever willing to help out if required. When the Today Show needed a substitute host to replace someone who was out, Chris willingly stepped in. She was also a substitute for the Sunday version broadcast of NBC’s night news. 

In recognition of her outstanding coverage of the bombing at 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, Chris was honored with the prestigious Emmy award. Another recognition she received was the Best Person award by the New York State Broadcasters Association. It was given to her for her work on the hunger situation in New York. Her presentation made viewers know and understand the plight of the homeless and hungry. New York is the city of wealth and privilege, but it is also home to many who go without food and no place to rest their heads at night.

Chris married Robert Jansing, a chemist by profession. They married in 1982. However their relationship as a married couple faced many hurdles and the couple opted for a divorce. Chris retains her married name Jansing and uses it as her professional name. She maintains Jansing is much easier to pronounce unlike Kapostasy. The details and reasons for her divorce are nowhere to be found on the internet. She is very secretive and private about her personal life. Even the time of her divorce is not disclosed.

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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