Marcia Macmillan

Marcia MacMillan, is a professional Canada-based senior news anchor who was born on 24th March 1970. She spent her childhood days in Ancaster, Ontario. She currently occupies a noteworthy position at the CTV News Channel, where she regularly broadcasts during the evening news on weekdays.

Marcia completed her bachelor’s degree in political science at the University of Western Ontario. Her academic pursuit gave her the much needed background to manage the functions and structure of the political world. This education also served as the ideal foundation for Marcia to take up to journalism field later on. Prior to securing her rightful place at CTV News, Marcia offered her services to the community with health reporting and anchoring for CHCH TV in 2003, as well as in Toronto in 2004. She offered timely, compelling coverage during her riveting report of the SARS outbreak in the latter location.

Subsequently, after her graduation in the political field, she went on to join a course in journalism at the esteemed Ryerson University Graduate School of Journalism and obtained a degree in journalism. The prestigious institution where she studied served as the backbone to her successful career in journalism and she became a very famous journalist. She has earned her righteous name as a profoundly experienced veteran in the field of television journalism despite her young age.

CTV News’ most valuable asset hails originally from Ancaster, a beautiful and idyllic community in Ontario. It is surprising that although she may be a confident and successful woman today (being top in her respective field), when she was a child her attention got diverted from wanting to become an actress. In fact, prior to embarking upon her journalism career, she championed the performing arts with an insatiable passion.

She envisioned a fruitful career in the field of acting, before she developed an interest in the world of news. At the age of ten, she had an experience that would forever alter her future and her career path. More specifically, she watched intently as a female journalist presented and hosted a news program, which made the now famous Canadian news anchor shift her attention from acting to becoming a news anchor. What caught Marcia’s attention the most was the female journalist’s eloquent and excitingly professional attire as well as everything this career seemed to embody. The rest is more or less known to the public and as mentioned above, Marcia is presently the news anchor for the CTV News Channel doing the weekday evening news broadcasting program. She joined the CTV channel in 2005 November.

In her career as a news anchor, Marcia has presented many intriguing breaking news stories for the CTV News Channel. She delivered extraordinary coverage of the G20 in Toronto in which she garnered huge ratings for her station during the presentation of this event. Even as one person, she could clearly lead with a presiding influence on a prevalent news station.


In 2012, Marcia got a scare with regard to her health condition when she was diagnosed with many blood clots in both the lungs. However, this health scare did not hinder her success story and she is today a successful television anchor and a great journalist. Thanks to her hard and efficient work the renowned TV personality has won the prestigious RTNDA award for her exceptionally insightful presentation of the Buffalo plane crash in 2009. This award recognizes only the most distinguished professionals in the field. She has also delivered many superb presentations with precision and ease including the conducting of interviews to the Pakistani Prime Minister Banazir Bhutto, as well as detailed coverage of both the Canadian Federal Elections and the US Presidential Elections. These journalistic pieces showcased Marcia’s talents in the most favorable light.

Though Marcia began her career as a reporter, she has honed and cultivated many talents and skills that saw her to the present status as a news anchor. It is a result of dedication, hard work and genuine love for the journalism field. Especially her in-depth participation in the industry has brought about a high level of accomplishment which she personally feels is the recognition of her dedication.

She possesses a good sense of humor and brings joy to herself and to those around her. Supreme public presentation and rhetorical skills were obvious requirements as well. Furthermore, along with this faultless exhibition of communicative talent, other skills gradually began to emerge over time. This included the capacity to engage widespread audiences of different demographic backgrounds while remaining objective on her personal standpoints. This skill was an inherent trait in Marcia, but her professional experiences enlivened the potency of her speech and delivery in a manner that captivated the masses.

The interview aspect of Marcia’s career is both rewarding and satisfying more so than any other facet of her profession. In a recent interview, Marcia noted that interviewing cultural icons and celebrities is the most riveting and compelling aspect of her career. It imparted her the unique ability to peel the superficial layers of one’s famed status, and unveil the sentient person underneath.

It enabled her to forge a connection between the interviewed party and viewing audiences. Furthermore, her interviews served to capture the humanity in even the most disdainful figures known on Earth. She counterbalanced her objectivity with a poignant and moving portrayal of everyone she has interviewed, and this evoked an emotional response that was unique to each viewer.

For this reason, the process of meeting world icons and participating in interesting conversations has always reigned supreme in Marcia’s life. As she admits herself, she feels extremely happy to share her success with her mother and current boyfriend by going out to dinners. She strongly feels that dreams can come true with persistence and aspirations. She keeps her personal life a secret and hence there is no information on her dating any boyfriends or whether she does have plans for a marriage in the near future. Under these circumstances definitely a divorce has not entered Marcia’s life.

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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