Pamela Ashley Brown

Pamela Ashley Brown was born on November 29, 1983 in Lexington, Kentucky. She is famous for being a beautiful American television reporter and newscaster for CNN.


Pamela is Kentucky’s own first family baby. Brown was named after her aunt, Pamela Brown, who died in 1970 at the age of 28 in a hot air ballooning accident with her husband, commodities broker Rod Anderson. Pamela’s uncle and her aunt were in a disastrous endeavor to cross the Atlantic Ocean in a Rozière expand Free Life balloon.

Pamela’s father was the ruling Governor of Kentucky when her elder brother Lincoln was born. Her father is John Y. Brown, Jr. Besides being a former governor of Kentucky, he was also a Kentucky Fried Chicken magnate and a businessman.

Pamela’s mother is a former Miss America and the glamorous CBS-NFL sportscaster, Phyllis George. She is now a very successful businesswoman. Pamela’s childhood was spent at Cave Hill, the family’s estate in Lexington. She continued living there even after the divorce of her parents. Brown comes from a political family. Pamela went to Henry Clay High School and then on to University of North Carolina to complete her college studies. At Chapel Hill, she got a Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism. While in college, she was a reporter for Carolina Week, the University’s magazine.

Working With CNN

Prior to joining CNN, she worked for ABC Washington, D.C., affiliate WJLA-TV. She began her career with ABC7 and then shifted to News Channel 8 in Washington D.C. Through sheer grit and her determination, Pamela has made it to the top as the Justice Correspondent for CNN at such a young age. Her hard work gave her a path to success as she joined CNN in 2013 and became a co-anchor of CNN’s morning show New Day with Kate Bolduan and Chris Cuomo.

Her work was highly recognized and she was nominated for an Emmy. As a special projects anchor, she reported on both national and international stories. She covered national events such as Hurricane Sandy, the Oklahoma tornado and the 2010 blizzard. Other stories she covered were the metro train derailment, the Cleveland kidnappings and the Boston Marathon bombings. For a brief period, she was an intern for the then New York senator Hillary Clinton. She teamed up with the famous Anderson Cooper and Wolf Blitzer on several assignments.

Nepotism Controversy

There were rumors were that she got the job with CNN because of her political background. The truth is that she is totally dedicated to her job as a journalist and newscaster. One of her featured stories included her reporting of the Haiti earthquake, its destruction and the rebuilding process. A passionate fighter against human sex trafficking, she presented a detailed report about it not only in the US, but also around the world. Her investigation report was used to create awareness in schools and in human trafficking conferences. One report of hers led to the arrest of a child pornographer.


Some whispers around the industry said that Pamela’s mother helped her get a job at CNN over more favorable and qualified options. Pamela insisted that the only thing her mother ever did was facilitate a yearly Miss America gathering for her companions. "No, no, no," says Brown. "I'm attempting to make tracks in an opposite direction from that." The beautiful blonde graduated with a news-casting degree from UNC-Chapel Hill, where she was a journalist on the college's "Carolina Week". When a family companion proposed Channel 8 would be a decent place to start her profession, she began as a general task columnist. She didn’t get any handouts, she started from the bottom just like anyone else and worked her way.

Close friends of the Brown family denied whispers that Brown's family got her the gig. "We do have various passage level positions, yet it's irregular for it to be an on-air position," a news station executive named Billed Lord claimed. "She had a decent tape. She's extremely balanced reporting in real time. She has a ton of capacities that show she will be an exceptionally solid player." Pamela echoed her supporter’s statement, and said "I'm here to buckle down, and I'm not going to give unimportant tattle a chance to act as a burden."

Personal Life

Brown a resident of New York City and is involved in several charity organizations like the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America and the Special Olympics. Though her schedule is hectic, she makes time to play basketball, poker and horse race. She loves pizza and always tries to eat a pie anytime she has time off. Brown is a great fan of Wildcats and Carolina Blue. She is a stockholder of Roadhouse Grill, a casual restaurant chain based in Florida, co-founded by her father.

An awesome beauty like her will surely have scores of admirers falling over themselves to gain her attention but one man has already won her heart. Her fiancé made an unexpected proposal to her, she told the story of the engagement to the Knot “I wasn’t expecting the proposal. I came home from work exhausted and wanting to crash early. When I walked in, there was a dress hanging and a card with instructions to put it on. My dog, Bubs, came around the corner wearing a bow tie and Adam came down the steps wearing a tux. I really knew something was up when I realized he had cooked me dinner.  After we ate, he left the room and came back with Bubs wearing the ring box on his doggie bow tie. He reached down to get the ring box and proposed.”

Pamela did not expect the gesture at all but she was very happy with the result. “I was in such shock. My first reaction was to laugh. I’m not sure I even remember him asking, but I do remember saying yes. I didn’t drop any hints about the ring. Apparently he had the ring for a couple months, but with such hectic work schedules, the proposal kept getting postponed.

Last Modified: Mar 15, 2020

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