Anderson Cooper

Who is Anderson Cooper?

Anderson Cooper is a famous Television personality, an American author and journalist. He is a primary anchor of a famous television show on CNN i.e. Anderson Cooper 360 Degrees. Anderson Cooper was born in New York on 3rd June 1967.


Who are Anderson Cooper’s parents?

Anderson Cooper was born to a Mississippi Writer Wyatt Cooper and Gloria Vanderbilt, the heiress to one of America’s greatest fortunes. His mother was the great-great-granddaughter of American Business magnate, a shipping tycoon, and philanthropist Cornelius Vanderbilt. Wyatt Cooper was Gloria Vanderbilt’s fourth husband and Anderson their second child.


What are some unknown facts about Anderson Cooper?

Anderson Cooper gained fame when he was a baby. Famous Photographer Diane Arbus clicked a photo of sleeping baby Anderson for Harper’s Bazaar magazine and soon it became one of the most recognized photographs of Arbus’s creations.

As many children have their own imaginations and perceptions about the things around them, so did Anderson Cooper. Once his father showed him a statue erected in the honor of his great-great-grandfather Cornelius Vanderbilt. This made the little Anderson believe that people turn to stone after death.

Anderson Cooper became a model at the age of 10. After his father’s early death at the age of 50, Cooper who was 10 years old then decided to provide a source of income for himself in spite of having the family fortune from his mother’s side. He signed a contract with the Ford Modeling Agency and began posing clothes for well-known designers like Ralph Lauren, Macy, etc. Later in his teenage, he worked as a waiter at a famous eatery shop at Manhattan called Mortimer’s.

Anderson Cooper doesn’t believe in inherited wealth and considers inheritances as an ‘initiative sucker’. His mother who inherits considerable wealth from her family has decided and told her son that she is not going to leave a single cent for him. Anderson Cooper adorns the legendary Broadcaster Phil Donahue and once dressed up as him for Halloween to pay homage to the legendary.


Is Anderson Cooper married? When did Anderson Cooper get married?

Anderson Cooper is openly gay who remained private with respect to his sexual orientation till 2012. He is a private kind of a person and avoids discussing his private life in interviews. However, recently it is confirmed that he and his long-time boyfriend Benjamin Maisani have split up. 

 Anderson Cooper’s education and his early & present career:

Anderson Cooper earned a degree from the University of Yale in Political Sciences and International relations, in 1989.  Anderson Cooper started his career as a Fact-checker at Channel One in 1989. Later he became a Freelance News Correspondent in 1990 till 1993. He progressed as a Chief International Correspondent and Co-anchor of World News Now after 1995 and thus got associated with ABC News. In 2001, he got to host the show The Mole. And now with CNN, he hosts his own weeknight news hour Anderson Cooper 360 degrees.

Last Modified: Mar 6, 2020

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