Derek Muller

Derek Muller is an offspring of South African parents, and they named their son as Derek Alexander Muller. He was born in Traralgon, Victoria, Australia in 1982. Their family relocated to Vancouver, Canada when he was two years old. Thus, prior to his stardom, he was among the top student during senior years.

Muller took up engineering and physics at Queen’s University. Then, he pursued PhD in Physics at the University of Sydney. His hard work really proved in which he completed his research study in Designing Effective Multimedia for Physics Education. Derek really works hard to achieve good results that makes him worthy to be followed. Likewise, he gained an award at the 2012 Science Film Festival on the topic, Science Online Cyber Screen.


What are a few facts with regards to Derek Muller?

Derek Muller is a famous educator, physicist and a filmmaker. One of his life trivia role is a “Why Guy” on an Australian morning television program, “Breakfast.” He is a phenomenal man for his YouTube channel Veritasium. Also, Derek, a good looking TV personality, is famous for the Australian TV program, Catalyst. He is a youtube sensation with more or less three million subscribers and 170,000,000 views. Owing to the huge fan following, his Vlogging is very popular and he is known to be an excellent television presenter.


Does Derek Muller have a family, a girlfriend or is he available for dating?

Derek Muller is a good looking guy and thus, a lot of ladies want to date him. He, however, is married to Raquel Nuno. However, in spite of his celebrated persona, he chooses to be cautious with his life. There is no news about his children or their whereabouts and life activities. Though he is engaged heavily in social media and other networking sites, we have no idea how he keeps confidentiality, so long as his personal life is concerned.

 Derek Muller  Height, Religion, Birthday

Derek Muller is 36 years old, and his natal day is on November 9th, 1982. He is of white ethnicity and blessed with exceptional noticeable height. The Mullers certainly are good looking. He has brown eyes and brown hair. He is not very religious.


What is the net worth of Derek Muller?

Derek Muller is one of the popular YouTubers because of his educational science channel, Veritasium. Uranium: Twisting the Dragon’s Tail and Mental Floss put him in the limelight. Though his total assets and net worth have not been published yet, one can be sure that they are substantial.


Last Modified: Mar 6, 2020

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