Lauren Velez

Have You Checked Lauren’s Biography?

Lauren Velez, also known as Lauren Luna Velez, was born in Brooklyn New York on November 2, 1964. Lauren is from American heritage and of African-American Ethnicity. Lauren also has a long, wavy dark brown hair and brown eyes.

Know About Lauren’s Personal Life?

This American actress has a twin sister named Lorraine Velez, who is also an actress. Lorraine and Lauren have five other siblings aside from her twin. The twin’s parents were from Puerto Rico. Together they participated mostly in all productions in high school. Right after graduating from high school the twin received a scholarship for Alvin Ailey Dance School. Lorraine, her twin sister, usually played double for her on sets. Lauren also studied Shakespeare.

Is Lauren Velez Married or Divorced?

Lauren is reported to be single and has not dated anybody. Lauren was married to Mark Gordon, but the two got divorced in 2015. The couple didn’t have children, but she has 17 nephews and nieces. Lauren also has a granddaughter whom she thought of adopting. Lauren keeps her fans updated through her official Twitter account. After the divorce, she set her focus mostly in her career.

Do You Know That Lauren has Earned Awards from His Career?

Lauren’s scholarship to the Dance school gave way to her acting career. The actress became part of Dreamgirls, and she also was given the opportunity to play understudy in Broadway’s Into The Woods for actress Phylicia Rashad.

The talented actress made her first screen appearance in the television series, New York Undercover as a policewoman, Nina Moreno in 1995. In that same year, she landed her role in I Like It Like That. The film won her Independent Spirit Awards for Best Female Lead. In 1996, she played a role in the movie "City Hall," and nominated in the Independent Spirit Awards for Best Female Lead.

Lauren also got another nomination in the ALMA Award for Outstanding Actress in a Feature Film, for the movie I Think I Do. Long Island International Film Expo also awarded her Best Supporting Actress in her remarkable performance in Serial (2007). Some of her movie appearances are Rosewood Lane (2011), Office Downe (2016), American Adrift (2017), The First Purge (2018). The award-winning actress also has incoming films: Ana, Shaft, Widows on the World, and Swallow.

The actress will also be the voice behind the character of Rio Morales in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse which will be available in cinemas later this year, 2018. Lauren is also set to play roles in three movies: Shaft as Bennie, Widow of the World as Eva, and Swallow as Lucy.

Lauren also made numerous appearances in television series. Lauren was also an awardee in some of the movie series, including New York Undercover (1995-2001), Oz (1997-2003), Thicker Than Blood (1998), and Dexter (2006-2012). In the past two years, she made appearances in five TV films: How to Get Away with Murder, Madam Secretary, Blue Bloods, MacGyver, and Murder. After doing Murder, Lauren is thinking of returning to the theater.

Last Modified: Mar 5, 2020

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