Rick’s Biography

Rick Rubin has the birth name, Fredrick Jay Rubin and is alternatively regarded as DJ Double R, the Loudness King. This American Record Producer was born in Long Beach, New York, United States on March 10, 1963, and aged 55 with origin in Lido Beach, New York, United States.

He plays the guitar and the piano and has worked with labels such as Def Jam Records, American Recordings, Columbia, Warner Bros as well as Epic Blackened. Rubin is one of the most sought-after producers with specialty in genres such as Rock, hip-hop, heavy metal and country. He basically transcends genres as he is a versatile producer with several awards and nominations.

 Rick’s background

Of Jewish descent and born in Long Beach, he lived in Lido Beach with his father named Michael (Mickey) and his mother, Linda. He attended Long Beach High School and through the guidance of his audiovisual teacher, Steve Freeman, he began to learn to play the guitar and write songs.

He was introduced to heavy metal and punk music at a tender age as he frequents Manhattan in order to watch The Ramones, New York punk pioneers, perform. Afterward, Rubin joined a band which comprises his friends which led to the formation of his band named The Pricks with the help of his audiovisual teacher.

Rick's career

Rick's career began with his punk band in High school and his interest in Rap music was further developed in New York University. While yet in the University, in 1983, he produced his first single, T La Rock and Jazzy Jay’s “It’s Yours” in his dormitory. The unprecedented success of this single led to the establishment of his record label, Def Jam Records, in 1984 with Russell Simmons. The debut single which turned out to be a hit was produced in 1984 titled “I Need a Beat”. Few years after, specifically in 1988, he left Def Jam Records to create a new label, Def American which was renamed American Recordings. Afterward, he helped to reignite the fallowed career of Johnny Cash in 1993 and this contract resulted in the bloom of his career earning him five Grammy awards. By May 2007, Rick Rubin was made the co-chairman of Columbia Records, e was also tagged “the most important producer of the last twenty years” by MTV.

 critics about Rick's : Net worth and awards

There have been contradictory opinions about him as not everyone seems to love his music style. Corey Taylor accused him of being absent at recording sessions claiming that he is overpaid as well as overrated with a declaration not to patronize Rick Rubin anymore. Since 1999, his listeners have criticized him for extreme loudness and distortion which results in ear fatigue. Rick Rubin is worth $250 million. This ace producer has about seven Grammies to his credit including Best Country Album as well as Record of the Year.

Last Modified: Mar 5, 2020

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