Mireddys González

Who is Mireddys González?

Best known as the wife of Latin recording Artist Daddy Yankee, Mireddys González is also the CEO and manager of her husband’s record company El Cartel Records. She has been a strong support to the artist and their family.

When is Mireddys González’s birthday? Tell us about her Zodiac

Mireddys González was born on 19th January 1977 and thus she is Capricorn by zodiac. She was born in the United States. Mireddys was born in the year of the Serpent. Snakes are a symbol of wit and wisdom, however, they can be overly suspicious which may make them paranoid. Hopefully, Mireddys possesses favorable attributes of Capricorns born in the Serpent year.

Family of Mireddys González?

Mireddys González is married to Daddy Yankee, the King of Reggaeton ( a new music genre from Puerto Rico), who has one of the best delivery hits in 2017 with Despacito. Yankees' popularity goes high and high. The 40 years old artist is married to Mireddys González, a music manager and they have children aging 22, 20 and 18.

The couple is in wedlock since 1994 and Yankee was 17 years old at that time. Nothing is reported about Mireddys González’s parents and her maiden home.

How did Mireddys González meet Daddy Yankee?

Daddy Yankee and Mireddys González were High school buddies and sweethearts. They had been together since then. It is praiseworthy to see a couple in wedlock for such a long time especially when they belong to the glamorous world. Yankee gives credit to his wife for their successful marriage. He considers that the strong bonding and friendship between them is the strong pillar of their marriage.

How Mireddys González stood by Yankee in his controversial period?

A photograph became viral which was reported by E! News in which Yankee is seen kissing another man. They reportedly said that Yankee is a gay. The singer who is happily married to Mireddys González once announced that he is a gay and even released statement. However, later Yankee’s publicist Mayena Nevarez told to media that Yankee is not gay and the reports are false. In all these ups and downs of his life, his wife Mireddys González stood by him. She is a big support for him.

Yankee considers her wife and children as a ‘little treasure’ to preserve. The artist keeps away his wife and children from the limelight.


How Mireddys González is admired?

Being a wife of a famous musician from Puerto Rico, Mireddys González is always admired by the Artist’s fan. The Yankees fans have created many Facebook support pages for Mireddys González and a flog too named miredys-de-dy where they actually address her as Daddy Yankee’s boss. Yankee often praises his better half and gives her the credit for him to stay grounded till date in spite of so much of name and fame. Mireddys is looking after her husband’s company since 2001.

Last Modified: Mar 6, 2020

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