Wolf Blitzer

Wolf Isaac Blitzer is a television news anchor and a journalist from America. He is a lead political anchor of CNN and has been reporting, since 1990. He provides his viewers with international and breaking news stories, related to politics. Blitzer anchors the show, The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer and in addition, anchors a show named, Wolf which focuses on the important news around the world. He was born in Germany and raised in New York. He completed his graduation from University of Buffalo in history and did his Master of Arts in international relations from the Johns Hopkins University School. Blitzer is now living in Bethesda, Maryland with his wife Lynn Greenfield and one daughter Ilana.

Blitzer is made for TV. He started his career in journalism in the Reuters news agency and then, his talent attracted the editor Ari Rath, who gave Blitzer work of a White House correspondent in Washington for CNN. He also worked as the cable network’s military affairs reporter there. After joining, he started to work his best to earn name and fame and he visited KGB headquarters in Moscow. He was one of the first reporters to visit there. His coverage on many live events like election coverage during America’s Choice 2012, first Gulf War in Kuwait, Oklahoma City bombing and many more earned him an Emmy Award, Justice Award, Daniel Pearl Award and many more awards.

Blitzer is always busy with his schedule from the day he graduated and so, he never got time for relationships. After few years of working, he got married to a girl named, Lynn Greenfield in 1973. Later, they had one sweet little daughter named Ilana. Blitzer’s work is quite time consuming. He has to remain away from his family. However, his family is very understanding and they know that he is doing this for a better living and that it is his passion. Blitzer also takes time from his busy schedule for his family members. Now, it’s been forty years that this charming couple, Lynn and Blitzer are together and after a decade of marriage, they still sit together and laugh. Words like divorce or separation do not exist. This makes their relationship fresh and beautiful. Now, they are living in Bethesda, Maryland.

Wolf got reader’s choice for the Best in Business Award for the coverage of the administration of Clinton. This multi-talented personality did not stop on journalism. He tried his hand in acting too and was praised for his acting skills. He acted in the movie Skyfall, a James Bond film and was in the role of a reporter of CNN. Blitzer is the author of two books, A Reporter’s Notebook and Territory of Lies and he also appeared in the documentary named Back Door Channels. His net worth is 16 million dollars. He is doing the same work from more then thirty years and still enjoying it. This is the reason that he is among the richest journalist of CNN.

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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