Andrea Tantaros

Andrea Tantaros is among the hottest co-host for the popular show called The Five. This is a live show that comes from the Fox News Channel. She showed how she is an exceptional talent in the program.  She argues in the way that she has a sense of human and many people are her fans.  Even if she has many fans, sometime she is criticized by some other people since he takes the show to be too serious and sometime this makes it to be controversial or offensive when she is aware of this.  However, she always makes the show to happen and it is becoming popular because of her thoughts and views. She is both talented and beautiful and she has liberal views with political experience.

She is tall and her height is of 1.63meters. She has the amazing body and his measurements are 36-25-33. She looks sexy and hot with long legs and the best feet. She likes to wear the short skirts which expose her beautiful legs.  She is always dressing up in the tight fitting clothes and she puts on simple but elegant makeup with some of the best high heels.

She was criticized by some people in different situations. She sometime makes the points without having the intention of offending a person but in the end, she ends up making some people uncomfortable.  She always talks about her views openly which are sometime liberal and conservatives.  She is a liberal person in some instances she is moody.

She majored in French and Journalism and she gained much experience while working. She speaks many languages, Greek, French and Spanish; she is fluent in all these languages.  She worked for the political campaigns, Solane and Company, US House of representatives. She is in different activities and she has an impressive salary and good net worth.

When it comes to her personal life, she likes to keep her professional life away from her private life. She does not like to talk about her relationship with her boyfriend.  Even if she is known to date different men, she is yet to be married which means that she had never gone through divorce process.  Through her interview, she said that she wants to have a husband who easy going, straight forwards, and with the sense of humor. She is 35 years old but she looks too young for her age. She is confident and beautiful with a sexy figure. She had always tried to show her beautiful and long legs in her short dress. She is hot in any attire she puts on.

People who want to know more about her, can find her information from twitter. She is active on different sites like Instagram and facebook where the fans learn about her activities through the pictures, tweets and status updates.  

While on Capitol Hill, she served as a press secretary for the Republican Leadership for the US House for the Representatives when she was in charge to help the craft and to execute media strategy for the majority of Republicans. 

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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