Ginger Zee was born on January 13, 1981, under her full name Ginger Renee Zuidgeest.  Ginger Zee is used as her pseudonym. Ginger Zee was born in Orange, California and her mother was Dawn E Zuidgeest-Craft and her father was Robert O Zuidgeest.  Her young brother is Sean Jeffery. Zee was given Ginger name of the Gilligan’s Island from her Dutch father.  In the extended family, he has a stepfather known as Carl John Craft with two half-sisters. Her half-sisters called Andriana Craft and Elaina Craft. She is step-daughter of Carl John Craft. Her grandparents emigrated from Netherlands to United States. She is a television personality in America and she is a current weather anchor for ABC World News Tonight and Good Morning America. Zee is a chief Meteorologist for all the platforms of ABC News.


Zee did his studies in Rockford High school in the Michigan in 1999 and after this, she went to Valparaiso University and she got a Bachelor of Science in meteorology.


After her graduation, Zee started working as a news reporter. She also learnt to procure her broadcast certification from the American Meteorological Society. She was once requested to fill in as a guest meteorologist in one of the stations over the weekend. She did a commendable job. She worked with WEYI-TV in Flint, Michigan, WYIN-TV in Indian, WLAV-FM radio as well as WOOD-TV. During her employment here, Zee was part of the team called Storm Team 8. The scorched the land west of Michigan for environment, science and weather impacts from 2003 to 2005.

Later she joined the NBC station, WMAQ where she worked from 2006 to 2011. During this period, Zee anchored the Good Morning America Weekend, where she narrated the weather forecast well. This made her gain viewers who positively commented on her good job. She also anchored news on other ABC programs including Nighttime and ABC World News Tonight.

In the later days of 2013, ABC News promoted Zee to be the Chief Meteorologist for Good Morning America and weather edition for ABC News. Since her engagement with ABC, she has brought many major weather reports including the Sandy devastation of the New Jersy, the Colorado floodings, and the Oklahoma tornado effects. The weather variabilities covered included blizzards, extreme rainy conditions, and desert heat in California's Death Valley.

Her meteorology zeal made her to storm chase since her college years. She is part of the TVN Storm Chasers now working on the season release around Oklahoma State.

Viewers often complain about her matter-of-fact voice when presenting the weather reports.  She states that she is blunt and does not know how to fake a smile. This has been attributed by her busy daily schedule, collecting weather details. She is also a adjunct professor.  It is mentioned that her terse reporting has elicited the wrath of her news directors, who have urge her to be 'look more interesting'. 


She works weekend double shifts and prepared detailed weather. She, therefore, does not have any niceties in the camera. Numerous emails have been written about her negatively but she is not bothered. It is expected in such working environment. She is keeping them with the intention of publishing them one day.

Despite these negative feedbacks, she is a darling and favorite to many viewers who take weather seriously.

Private Life

Ginger Zee was engaged to his long time Fiancé Ben Aaron and they got married in a charming and intimate ceremony in Michigan on a Saturday. She said that she knew that Ben was his eternal partner when they met for the first time. When she married him, she was already prepared for it. Her wedding planner is Francesco Bilotto and her best friend. While they were planning for the wedding, he wanted that the wedding should be closer to the hometown.  She likes to say that she is proud that she was born in Michigan near the gorgeous lake.  This is why she took her wedding there because she wanted to make one of her most important memories a part of the old memories. The guests were 55 and they were given the pashminas to avoid cold when they were watching the nuptials at the beach side. Aaron and Zee chose to have traditional vows where they were standing in circle of white rose petals.

Ginger and her husband welcomed their baby boy - named Andrian Benjamin Colonomos on December 19, 2015.

Ginger Zee talks time out every Wednesday to discuss weather reports with the local elementary schools.

In 2016, Zee was took part in the ABC's Dancing with the Stars competitions where she was paired with a professional dancer. Her team managed to make it to the third overall ranks. Ginger Zee has a salary of over 9 thousand dollars every month and she was able to make up to 400 thousand dollars as a net worth.  She makes over 100 thousand dollars every year.  Even if she started at the bottom, she was able to reach far because of her dedication, determination and hard work. She is a good example to people that hard work is the basis of the success. She is now well established and she has a good net worth that she was able to make on her own.  

Other things that you may want to know about Ginger Zee, is that she is 56 kgs, her measurement are 34-25-34. She has a dark brown hair, her feet size is 7.5 US, her height is 170 cm and her breast size is 32B. She is known to be beautiful with long legs. She grew up Michigan but she was born in the California. She started to like weather when she was still young watching the storms over Michigan Lake. While she was growing up, she was the cheerleader; she likes to eat cottage cheese with crackers and peas. She does the squats when she was brushing the teeth. You can keep up with her on her twitter account. 

Despite her calm composure, Zee has been living with narcolepsy since 2002. Her confidence has made her manage it well as well balancing the delicate child rearing, professional work and family obligations. 

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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