Grace Elisabeth

Grace Elisabeth was born in the year 1997 and she is American model who was born in the city of Lake city in Florida. She became famous because she appeared in Victoria Secret Fashion Show of 2016. She is also the spokesman for PINK, a sub brand of Victoria Secret. She became well known also when she appeared on Guess Girl.

Grace Elisabeth appeared on Elle Italy in June and in August of 2016. She worked for big brands in fashion. She has at least 200,000 followers on her Instagram. She was born with one sibling, a brother. She walked at Miu Miu’s Fall with Adrianna Lima, a Brazilian Supermodel from Brazil.

Grace Elisabeth is now one among the 16 models who make the runway debut with Victoria’s Secret Fashion show. During the interview with Radar, she said that when she was growing up, Fashion was not something popular in her city. However, now at the age of 19, she has been able to break into this industry like a Guess Girl and then she transitioned at a runway.

Grace Elisabeth had been named to be the face of Pink from Victoria Secret and from the hierarchy of the models of VS, it means that she is about to become a top model. Other top models like Devon Windsor, Josephine Skriver, Bella Hadid and Gigi were all models of Pink.

After working on the runway of Guess Girl, she started to work on the runaway of Paris and Milan and had worked together with famous people like Oscar de la Renta, Miu, Miu and Dolce &Gabbana. After the successful debut, many people came to know here and she became a well known person around.

The 19 year model is loved because of her features that look like these of Botticelli and she looks also like the younger Monica Bellucci. She had been making the headlines as the modern model. She is brunette beauty and made the debut on the catwalk in the pair of wings that are made in the bow.

According to her biography, Grace Elisabeth was not discovered like other models. Her mother submitted the photos and afterwards, she got a chance of modeling with Next Management. She had a dream of becoming a model at a young age but as the time passes, she started to think that such dream cannot come true since her native city, Lake city has no models but football stars. She wanted to study Marine biologist, in case she was not able to succeed with her modeling.

The first day she walked on the runaway, she does not remember too much about it only that even if the feathers were heavy first, they became light as she started to walk on the runaway. She was so excited and she only saw her parents and Bruno Mars while on the runaway. Her net worth is not recorded.

Last Modified: Mar 9, 2020

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