Aidy Bryant

Aidy Bryant happens to be a famous actress and a world renowned comedian of American origin. Currently aged 29, she was born as Aidy Makenzy Bryant on 7th May in the year of 1987. Her birth place is the beautiful town of Phoenix, Arizona. She is currently engaged to another famous comedian, Conner O'Malley, who himself is a very talented writer and has worked with the writing team of ' Late night with Seth Meyers'.

Her current husband also happens to be her boyfriend who she dated for last five years. Her father and mother are Tim and Georganne Bryant respectively. Aidy's mother, Georganna herself owns a locally popular boutique in Phoenix named ‘Frances’. She grew up with her brother and he is her only sibling. AIDY'S interest in her line of career arose during her childhood years itself. She used to actively participate in the summer camps and great results lectures organised during her middle school years.

She graduated in the year of 2005 from the locally renowned institution of Xavier College. Although she is primarily American, her ancestry can be traced back to Ireland and Germany. She received her bachelor in arts degree in the year of 2009 from the hugely respected Colombian college, situated in Chicago. In this particular collage, she was regularly involved in various programmes organised by the collage, like comedy programmes. These programmes were mostly developed and organised under the supervision of the second city and the theatre development.


She holds a valuable working experience of performing with various reputed institutions of the time. These include second city, annoyance theatre etc. In fact, after her graduation itself Columbia college, she started her maiden tour with the well known musical group, ‘baby wants candy’. She also worked with the writer’s team as well as an ensemble member for two shows on the respected stage of the second city.  These were 'sky's the limit' and 'we're all in this together'. She was given these offers by the second city after she finished her tour with ‘baby wants candy’.

Bryant first debut in the line of her career was on 15th September in the year of 2012. This happened when she was selected to work with the talented team of the famous show of 'Saturday night live'. Working with the show, she invested all her talents and hard work into making it even more successful. This eventually proved to be a stepping stone in her career. Her efforts got rewarded with her being promoted to the prestigious rank of repertory player. This happened when she was about to complete the second season of the popular show.

Another interesting fact about Bryant is that she made a famous appearance as a cameo in the globally famous superhero movie, ‘The amazing Spiderman 2’. In fact, this wasn't her only guest appearance. She made several others uncredited appearances in various other popular programmes like ‘Documentary now’, ‘Girls’, ‘The awesomes’ etc. In the year of 2016, Bryant bagged herself an important role of Alice in a famous series called Harare and Pete.  The series itself was directed by a globally famous comedian, Louis CK.

Throughout her career, she was casted several times as recurring roles on SNL. These included her works in 'Shallon' and many such other sketches. This was after a number of auditions, she gave to the SNL. All these years of immense talents and absolute hard work earned her an impressive net worth of seven hundred thousand American dollars. This however continues to grow, owing to her unquestionable commitment towards the line of the career, she chose and excelled in.

Last Modified: Mar 9, 2020

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