Cindy Preszler

Cindy Preszler had been born in the year 1960 in the South Dakota and her parents were American.  She is open-minded and she is a well known person in television. She is known as a meteorologist.  Since the year 1978 to the year 1982, she did mass communication and she continued with higher education with the meteorology course. This is what it is called a dual degree and she has no problem to be the owner of it and she afterwards started to look for the future of her career. She has cute smile with a stunning face which is charming and also authentic for the screen appearance and presentation. She grew up in South Dakota and she had an early interest in the weather.

According to her bio, it was hard to look for the job herself since she comes from a middle class family and she had to look for the job for herself. She worked in different capacities as a researcher, analyst and the editor. She changed the stations many times and she had the passion that was desired for the stream which she was passionate about.  She worked for the NBC-WMAQ-TV that it is based in the City of Chicago with the WKYT-TV that it is based in the city of Lexington. She has the dream of appearing on the popular television station and she came in this place when she joined NBC network since it was the popular television station that was coming in the place. She was a weather forecast and meteorologist when she had a contract with KSDK- TV. This is the station that belonged to NBC Network. She moved to St Louis in Missouri and being able to shift the space has brought advantage to her career.  People praise her work since she was not involved only in the indoor newsroom reporting.  She did live coverage in reporting about the change of the weather condition. She reported about the hurricanes, tornados, storm cyclones with other severe changes with the natural disaster which were reasonable good and authentic.  Her major breakthrough had been achieved while reporting about the San Francisco earthquake and Cyclone in Charleston in the year 1989.

Cindy Preszler is known to be a married woman to Dave Mack. He is supportive towards her work but some people are not sure if the couple is married or not and if it is just girlfriend and boyfriend thing. Even she is a public person, she keeps away from media, and there are many rumors that are speculating about her.  At her age, she had been able to get many awards for her weather forecast. She had already got 14 Regional Emmy awards. She is accomplished member of the National weather association and Meteorological society. She is available on twitter.

Last Modified: Apr 9, 2020

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