Richard Gere

Richard Tiffany Gere is an activist and American actor. He started to act in in the year 1970s and he was playing the supporting role in the movie Looking For Mr Goodbar and also starred in movie called American Gigolo which established him to be a sex symbol and leading man. He was the star in different hit films and movies which included Chicago, Arbitrage, Runaway Bride, Primal Fear, Pretty Woman and an Officer and Gentleman He was given Screen actor guild and Golden Globe award for being the best actor. He co-starred with Julia Roberts in Pretty woman.

Gere had been born in Pennsylvania and his mother was Doris Ann who was a housewife. The father was called Homer George Gere and he worked in insurance as an agent for Nationwide Mutual insurance company. Before, he intended to be a minister. Gere is an elder son and a second child. The paternal great grandfather changed how their surname was being pronounced which was Geer. The parents are flowers of Mayflower. Gere graduated from North Syracuse Central High School and excelled more in the music and gymnastics. He went to University of Massachusetts Amherst because of the gymnastic scholarship and he was majoring in the philosophy, however he did not finish and left in two years.

Gere worked as a professional in Seattle Repertory Theatre and in Provincetown Playhouse on the Cape Cod in the year 1971 and he was starring in the movie Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead. The major acting was to play in the London Stage Version in Grease in the year 1973. He started to appear in the box office failure since 1982 and Gere had a strengthened career when he released the movies Pretty Woman and Internal Affairs. The status like a leading man got solidified because he went on and starred in different movies that were successful such as Runway Bride, Primal Fear and Sommersby.

Richard Tiffany Gere became the Sexiest Man alive of People magazine of 1999. He appeared in 3 different movies which included unfaithful, Mothman Prophecies. Gere got married first to Cindy Crawford by they got a divorce. He was again married to Carey Lowell and they also got a divorce after 11 years of marriage. Gere was first raised in the Methodist Church and but when he turned 20 years of age he got interested in Buddhism. Now he is a Tibetan Buddhist. Gere is also a human right activist for Tibet and he is the co-founder of the Tibet House. Since he is a supporter of Tibetan Independent Movement, he is now banned against entering into the People’s Republic of China.

His net worth is over 100 million dollars and he says he got twice more from his mother. He said that he tries to keep fit by keeping the weight off and nothing else.

Last Modified: Apr 9, 2020

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