Val kilmer’s full name is Val Edward Kilmer and he is an American actor who was a stage actor before. Kilmer did became popular in the mid-1980s and with the string of the appearance in the comedy film such as Top Secret, Real Genius, Top gun and Sorcery and Swords film called Willow. There are other notable films and movies that he starred into like The doors, Tombstones and Batman forever.

Kilman was raised in California and he is the son of Eugene and Gladys Kilmer. The father was the distributor of the aerospace equipments and also a real estate developer. He was raised in San Fernando Valley together with two siblings. The older brother was Mark and the younger brother was Wesley and died when he was 15 because of the epileptic seizure while in the swimming pool. The parents got a divorce when he was nine years and the father died when he was doing the film Tombstone.  His grandfather was working as a gold miner near the border of Arizona in New Mexico. Joyce Kilmer known as a poet is the distant cousin of Kilmer. The mother comes from Swedish and the father is a mix of Cherokee Native American, German, French, Scots-Irish and English.

Val Kilmer went to the Berkeley Hall School which is a Christian Science School of Los Angeles. Afterwards, he attended Chatsworth High School and the classmates included Mare Winningham and Kevin Spacey. He also went to Hollywood Professional School. When he reached the age of 17, he became the youngest person to enter into the Julliard Schools in its Drama Division. He was the member of the Group 10.  In the year 2012, he was given the honorary doctorate for Fine Arts from the School called William Woods University.

In the year 1993, the director of Batman Forever, Joel Schumacher saw Tombstone and got impressed on how Kilmer performed as Doc Holliday. He thought that he is perfect for the role he had as Caped Crusader.  The role was for Michael Keaton but he decided afterwards that he is not willing to go back to the batman return because of the difference in the creativity. Kilmer decided to take up the role without even knowing the script or who is the director.

Val kilmer got married to Joanne Whalley since 1988 until the year 1996. The two did meet while working on the film known as Willow. They had two children together, a daughter and a son. In the year 2011, Kilmer decided to sell a part of the New Mexico ranch where he liked to raise bison, fish, hike or track.  His net worth is believed to be over 25 million dollars from his acting career that is over decades. When he gained weight, his popularity also declined and this is why he decided to go into weight loss journey and it worked for him.

Last Modified: Apr 9, 2020

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