Darlene Rodriguez

Darlene Rodriguez was born Pomales and she is the co-anchor for Today in New York at WNBC. She became the co-anchor since 2003 and she was serving like the reporter of the WNBC and afterwards like the co-anchor for Weekend Today based in New York. She once worked like a fill-in newsreader for Natalie Morales and Ann Curry at nbc for The Today Show. Before she started to work for WNBC, she was working like the general assignment reporter of WCBS News radio 88 in four years and also worked as the reporter for BronxNet cable for the television network.

Rodriguez has origins in Puerto Rican and she is a native for Bronx. She graduated in the year 1988 from Christopher Columbus High School in Borough. She is also the graduate of University of Miami where she got a degree in the Broadcast Journalism with political science. When she was still in the school, she was in charge of creating different programs that focused on the cross-cultural cuisine. She has a passion in crocheting and cooking and she learned them when she was still a small child and they are the things that continue to occupy her when she has a free time. She now lives in Croton- on Hudson, New York.

Darlene Rodriguez is a married woman and she got married to the police officer called David Rodriguez. He was an office in New Rochelle Police department. It is said that after the wedding she is happy with her husband and there are no rumors about any divorce soon. She does not like to let the public know more about her personal life and she keeps her professional life away from one another. There is a time that the husband in 2008 was accused of raping a 17 year old girl but the discharge was dropped and he was accused of the official misconduct only. He pleaded guilty and was given a one year discharge on conditional release and to stay away of the accusing girl for 5 years and his wife stood with him all through the trials. When Darlene was asked to comment about the behavior of her husband, she said that they have enough love for one another and they wish to go on with their lives. They live in Croton-on Hudson and they have three children.

Darlene came to be known as an experienced journalist and she only started like a reporter. In addition of the experience, she is also known to be an attractive lady with sexy and hot legs and she is believed to be around 5 feet with 7 inches tall. Darlene has a net worth of 1.5 million and she is believed to make a salary of 5 million dollars.

Last Modified: Apr 9, 2020

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