Lawrence Hilton Jacobs

Lawrence Hilton Jacobs is a consistent actor who appeared in Hollywood movies and he had won the hearts of many people because of amazing work. His year of birth is 1953 and now he has over 60 years old. At this age, he became already the legendary actor and he is going to be remembered because of the contribution he has made in the industry. He was born in New York City and he is of black ethnicity. He is humble and he has always a smile on his lips. He is tall with 6 feet and 2 inches. He went to Wilkes University for the degree.

He is motivated in the career and when he has to make the scene that have to seem real, he may need to be shirtless. He is living a good life because of the motivation he has towards his work and he can reach to the perfection in everything he does. He was able to earn good money and his net worth is counted in million dollars and his story is full of success. The video that feature him are loved and watched on the Youtube. He does not like the social media and he is not available on Instagram or Twitter and he does not upload his pictures on them.

Even if he became too popular, he was able to keep his personal life to be of low profile. Even if there is nothing to show that he is gay, he had also not talked about sexual orientation and it is not know if he is married or not since he does not talk about the wife or children.  In case he is yet to be married, he never talks about girlfriends or dating anyone.

He had been given a great role in the movies and TV shows and this made him who he is right now. He had played a role of Charles in the movie Claudine. Other roles he took are these of Cochise in a movie known as Cooley High, Anthony in 30 miles movie and he is credited to play Youngblood, Chance, L. A Vice, Indecent Behavior, Gumbo, Tamales, Otis and Nocturnal Agony.

In his biography, Lawrence Hilton Jacobs did well in the TV series and shows and he appeared in the movie called Welcome back and Kotter. Other shows are The Jacksons: American Dream, Ellen and Pointman.

Lawrence Hilton Jacobs is a fifth child in the nine children of his parents. The father was called Hilton Jacobs and the mother was Clothilda Jacobs. He studied his acting with Negro Ensemble Company and Al Fann Theatrical Ensemble. In the movie Welcome back, he had the role of  Boom Boom. He also appeared in some few commercials in many years which include the commercial of The United Negro College Fund and the Street Songs. Attorney for Murphy requested him to testify sometime back.

Last Modified: Apr 9, 2020

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