Kathy Bates

Kathy Bates is a well known actress in films and television shows. She is most famous for her amazing performance in the thriller film called Misery. In recent times, she is most known for her role as Adam Sandler’s mother in Water Boy and she is also a staple in the popular horror television show called American Horror Story. The cancer survivor has been nominated 13 times for her excellent acting.


Kathy Bates’ full name is Kathleen Doyle Kathy Bates and she was born in 1948. Kathy Bates was born in Tennessee and she was youngest daughter of Bertye Kathleen and Langdon Doyle Bates. Her father worked as a mechanical engineer. Her paternal grandfather was from Ireland and moved to Louisiana.

She went to Southern Methodist University and she majored in theater. She was a member of the sorority known as Alpha Delta Pi where she forged many friendships. After college, she went to New York to pursue a career in acting.

Film Acting Career

Kathy Bates appeared in many different minor roles in the television and film industry during the 1970s and 1980s. She rose to the prominence with the performance she had in the cult classic film called Misery. She got the Academy Award in the category of Best Actress. She also got the Golden Globe Award when she a performed a major role in Fried Green Tomatoes. She also had a great performance in Dolores Clairborne.

Kathy Bates was given a Tony Award Nomination for her performance of a Broadway play called Night Mother. She got the Screen Actor Guild Award after acting in Primary Colors and she received an Academy Award Nomination the Best Supporting Actress for the same role. She was nominated for the Academy Award in the category of Best Supporting Actress for her role in About Schmidt.

Television Acting

Kathy Bates had worked in different capacities throughout her career. Aside from her great film career, she has also been a star on television. She got 13 Emmy Award nominations in her career. Two of them were for the starring role she had in the television series called Harry’s Law.

One of her most recent appearances on television was in the FX horror-thriller series known as American Horror Story. She portrayed Delphine LaLaurie. She got an Emmy Award in 2012 when she played the role of Ghost of Charlie Harper on the CBS comedy series called Two and a Half Men.

Carrying The Joint

In an interview with the New York Times, Kathy Bates spoke about why she decided to star in the cannabis themed show called Disjointed on Netflix. In the stoner comedy, Kathy plays the owner of a Southern California medical marijuana dispensary. Her character’s name is Ruth Whitefeather but Kathy revealed that she isn’t just playing a part and finds the content of the show to be very personal and close to her real life experiences.


The show was created by David Javerbaum who was the former writer for Jon Stewart and James Corden and their talk shows. On the show, Kathy Bates and her hippy attitude are at odds with her straight laced son, Travis. Travis’ father is a corporate lawyer for Big Pharma, the enemy of the cannabis business in real life and on the show. Kath’s character wants to keep the business organic while her son wants to create a Walmart for Cannabis.

When asked if she smokes cannabis in real life, Kathy said “Yeah, I do. I’ve had a prescription for some time for chronic pain. I’ve really become a believer. I find it just as, if not more, effective than other pain relief.”

Kathy is not just a recreational user. She has found that the plant has legit medical use, “Originally, when I was going through breast cancer, my oncologist prescribed some, because my recovery was painful and the marijuana was a tremendous help.”

She is a responsible user and has been happy with the new developments in the cannabis industry, “And now they have vape pens, which are a lot less caustic in terms of smoke. And since you can control the amount of your intake, you can smoke and be functional during the day — although I don’t smoke when I work. That to me is unprofessional.”

She is a big supporter of cannabis legalization because of the medical benefits, “I’ve become more educated about what its properties are. And you see how it’s helping people like the partner of our cannabis consultant, who has cerebral palsy, or the Gridiron Cannabis Coalition, a group of football players I met who were suffering from different head injuries and it helped them tremendously.

Kathy Bates was able to fight ovarian cancer when she was diagnosed with it in 2003. In 2012, she had another bout with cancer, she went through a double mastectomy and “went flat”. She said that because of the mastectomy, she suffers lymphedema in both her arms. She spoke about how she dealt with the cancer, “Breast cancer runs in my family, and there was something suspicious in my right breast and I thought, you know, just make mine a double. I struggled for a long time with the prosthetics and the heaviness of the bra and the heat. I thought, why am I wearing false breasts when I don’t have breasts? “

She doesn’t think that every woman needs to do the procedure but she definitely recommends that women use cannabis before and after getting treated for cancer.

Personal Life

Her husband was Tony Campisi from 1991 until 1997. They had lived together for 12 years before they decided to get married. After she divorced her husband, she focused on her acting career. She thinks that part of the reason why she had a dip in her acting career was because she was being too distracted by external forces. After she cleared away the obstacles in her life, she was able to focus on herself and her career instead of worrying about things that didn’t really matter to her.

Last Modified: Apr 9, 2020

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