Laura Govan

Laura Govan is a reality TV star and she is a loving mom to four children. She is known for being the star of Basketball Wives LA since she is the Wife of NBA All Star called Agent Zero with really name Gilbert Arenas. However, the show is not the only thing she is recognized for.

She is a survivor for a car accident that took place when she was 7 years old. She was born in the year 1979 in the Oakland of California in USA. She lived in the coma for 3 months after the accident. She was born in Oakland and she has 6 feet with 3 inches. She has physical appearance that is impressive. She is tall with athletic and hourglass shaped body, good legs and mighty thighs in addition of the genuine personality.

When it comes to her life, she has a net worth of 10 million dollars. She was able to make money from her looks and from the divorce settlement of Gilbert. In the year 2015, TMZ wanted to reveal more about their divorce process and it said that it got the divorce paper that was filed by Laura. As per the documents, Laura said that she started dating Gilbert before 2002 and Gilbert was yet to make 200 millions in the NBA as the contract money.

The two were not married but they lived as a man and wife. According to the divorce paper, Gilbert told Laura to get out of the home without her consent and that Gilbert sold the engagement ring worth a million dollar without asking her first. However, the case of the divorce of Laura-Gilbert was always news and Laura with Givon is the parent for four children.

Laura Govan is American but her exact ethnicity is not known. She is a mix of African-American, Hawaiian and Mexican roots. After the relationship with Gilbert, she is now occupied in making the home based video workout in order to help women who struggle to bring down their weight. However, this does not mean that she always looked good herself. Form her bio, after the accident she had to learn everything from the start and she had to undergo physical therapy she had to learn basketball, tennis, baseball and football. She perfected her basketball skills and she became the basketball star for New Mexico State University. After graduation, she became pregnant and she refused to be the women head coach. After the birth of the first daughter, she started to gain weight and she reached to 224 pounds. However she did everything she can for weight loss and she started to consider her diet once again since she said that it was the reason behind her gaining weight. People find more information about her on wiki.

Last Modified: Mar 14, 2020

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