Scott Mcgillivray

Scott Mcgillivray is super good looking and super talented. He is a real estate investor at the same time a huge personality on the TV. He hosts the television shows and can continue to manage the job as the public speaker and also the financial expert. The man is known to be awesome and he has proven this through being good in everything he does. He is also at the same time a contractor and a writer. He is among the most talented person you can find around and there is no way you cannot love him.

Scott Mcgillivray was born in the year 1978 and by now, he has tried many things and whatever he touched, turned to be gold. He is known to be a genius for everything he does and he has the talent that it is unbelievable. He is a tall man with the height of over 6 feet. He was born in Toronto and he is of Canadian nationality.

Scott Mcgillivray dated Sabrina Mcgillivray dated for some time and after sometime they decided to get married and Sabrina is his wife since 2009. They love each other and it is not likely that they can go through a divorce any soon. The couple has two children a daughter called Layla and another one called Myah.

There are many information that can be found about him online and the biography he has is to inspiring. He is popular and this is proven through Twitter and Facebook. He has over 74.6 followers on his twitter account. He likes to upload his pictures online and many people share them.

Scott Mcgillivray has been a part of many TV shows and the work he had was appreciated up to now and this is why he is popular in the game. Sometime he also give shirtless roles when it is needed. He was a part of the popular TV shows known as Debbie Travis Facelift and he was a cast of the show from 2003 until 2005. He also worked for Ground up where he was with Debbie Travis. He was the host for the show known as Holiday Battle on the Block in 2007. He was a judge for the show called Canada Handyman Challenge and did let the chance slip out of his hands. He was the part for flipping the block in 2014. He is a super man and he has written the books and some the books are Cash Flow for Life and the Investors Tool Kit. He was given the award of Canadian Screen Award in the Best Lifestyle Program or series.

Scott Mcgillivray’s net worth was 4 million dollars by 2012 and by now, it has grown significantly. His first job was to work in a garden centre during the summer holiday.

Last Modified: Apr 9, 2020

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