Taylor Dayne

Born as Leslie Wunderman in Baldwin, New York on March 7, 1962; Taylor Dayne was a music enthusiast from her very childhood. Her childhood favorites include Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, and Marvin Gaye etc. At a very tender age of 15, right after passing from high school she joined smaller bands like ‘Felony’ and ‘Next’ as a singer. Sooner, she realized her potential and after completing college she released two solo songs namely, ‘I’m the one you want’ and ‘tell me can you love me?’ However, these songs were released under the name ‘Les Lee,’ which at best didn’t work for her. Her first break in to the music industry dates back to the 1980’s, when she was signed by Clive Davis. After that, she didn’t turn back,year 1985 introduced her to those times big producer Ric Wake.Her first single in 1987 ‘Tell It to My Heart,’ took the pop loving youth by storm. It was like a relaunch for her; hence she went for this spree with a new name ‘Taylor Dayne.’ The next two albums in line ‘Tell It to My Heart (1988)’ and ‘Can’t Fight Fate (1989)’ were other feathers in her cap.This was the time when she worked with Arista records. ‘Tell It to My Heart’ brought her four nominations at New York music awards. Back to back, three of her hits found their place in the Top 10 Chart-busters. She was also nominated twice for the prestigious Grammys for her singles ‘Tell It to My Heart’ and ‘I will always love you.’

The initial years with Arista records were termed as golden for Taylor Dayne for her magic began to fade away with her fourth album ‘Heart of stone,’ which could not make it to the top 10 chart-busters. She never gave up, and continued to release albums with mix of new and old but all in vain. In 1995, she started her own music record company and kicked it off with the release of remix of her blockbuster,‘Tell It to My Heart.’ The years in line saw another couple of releases from her of which two singles entered U.S. Dance Chart list at no. 6 and 3 respectively. Taylor Dayne also ventured into movies in the year 1992, with an appearance in the movie ‘Love Affair.’ She then played the character, ‘Mehitabel’ in the movie ‘Archie and Mehitabel,’ which was from the production house of Mel Brooks. Her single ‘Original Sin’ was incorporated as theme song in the 1995 movie, ‘The Shadow.’ In 1997, she appeared in another set of movies namely ‘Fool’s Paradise’ and ‘Stag.’ Years 2000 and 2001 saw her playing roles in television, in the form of guest appearances in ‘Rude Awakening’ and ‘Aida.’ Dayne has not been married till date, but is a proud mother to twins named Levi (boy) and Astaria (girl).The children were born on December 30, 2001 through surrogacy and she took a break from her career, to raise them. She then returned with her album ‘Satisfied’ in the year 2008. ‘Beautiful,’ the lead song of the album was a stupendous dance number which secured rank #1 in the US dance chart, that year.

Back in 2010, she composed a song ‘Facing a miracle’to be the theme song for‘Gay Games.’ Lately, in 2015 she is up with her album ‘Live,’ and continues to tour the world. She is counted as one of those luminaries who brought good name to Long Island, hence in 2012; she was admitted in the Long Island music hall of fame. According to online sources Taylor Dayne is estimated to have a net worth of $4 Million, and she continues to strive for making better music with each passing year. She has been an avid supporter for LGBT community and strongly believes in their cause. Her fans could connect with her through Facebook timeline or Twitter handle @taylor_dayne. They could even subscribe updates from her official site.

Last Modified: Apr 10, 2020

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