Megan Glaros

Megan Glaros is an entertainment reporter and a meteorologist for the WBBM TV in the New York City. She was born in the year 1968 and she was raised in Indiana. She did her high school in the Texas Christian University and went to Indiana University in order to complete the university studies in atmospheric science with journalism. When she was still young, she was interested in the dancing. Before she joins Good Morning America, she worked for TV channel.

When she completed her studies, she worked first with NFL as a cheerleader for Indianapolis colts. In the year 2002, she worked for some months with NFL before she chose to join a news channel in the Parkersburg and also worked as a weather reporter for the Sinclair Broadcaster Group. She was in charge of broadcasting the weather for five cities during the night. After, she worked like the weather reporter for the station of the Miami. In the year 2004, she went to South Florid and worked as a meteorologist at 10 morning news channels. She was in charge of forecasting the weather reports and she was very active during the weather season. She was the one who forecasted different hurricanes like Wilma, Rita, Katrina and others. Afterwards, she joined Sports Jam Live Channel.

Megan Glaros got a seal called AMS certificate from American Meteorological Society. She was also given the membership for the National Weather Association. After getting the seal, she was given a chance for working as a certified meteorologist. At 10 Morning News Channels, she only worked for 4 years and afterwards, she left the job and started to work at WCBS-TV as an entertainment reporter and morning meteorologist.

In the year 2010, she went to CBS like the meteorologist for early morning news for the WBBM TV Channel. She worked like a meteorologist on the channel. For her personal life, she is known to be married and the marriage to her husband took place in the year 2010. She gave birth to a daughter and to twins, a daughter and a son called Leo and Willow. She is living with the husband and the three children in Indiana of USA. She is available on twitter and information about her can be gotten on wiki.

When it comes to her age, there is confusion since some say that she is only in her 30s while others say that she is in her 40s. Her salary is not revealed but some says that the salary may be over 1 million dollars while the net worth is around 5 million dollars. She is tall with 5 feet 7 inches. Her husband is called Lance Bruggeman and works in the Automation and Process Control Engineer with Ace Technology.

Last Modified: Apr 9, 2020

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