Richard Benjamin

Richard Benjamin is a film director and American actor. He had starred in many productions that are well known like Goodbye Columbus that was based on Philip Roth Novella, Catch 22, WestWorld and The Sunshine Boys. His first endeavor as a director was for My Favorite Year or which its star Peter O’Toole got nominated for an Oscar. He has directed other movies like The Money Pit, Made in America, Clint Eastwood, and Burt Reynolds together with Tom Hanks.

Richard Benjamin was raised in the New York City and he was the son to Samuel Roger Benjamin who worked in Garment Industry and her mother was Chelsea Angelina Benjamin who was a homemaker. He went to High School of Performing Arts and also graduated in Northwestern University and he was involved in different studies and did many plays while studying in Northwestern Theater School.

He is married to paula Prentiss and they acted together in the movies that were short lived. They have two children and they played together in the television series called he and she and the movie version for Catch-22.

As a business man, Richard Benjamin has achieved everything possible and he is the legend person and also an inspiration for many people. He was born in the year 1941 and at his age, he never stopped to work and he is still working hard while at the same time thrives to do even more. There are many hoaxes that were spread about him being dead but most of the time they were not true. He had been nicknamed as old man and many people relate to him with this name.

When Richard Benjamin co-starred with his wife in the sitcom He and She, it was about the couple that are surrounded by the oddball characters. The series led to the Emmy nomination but it lasted only for one season. For Richard, it gave him an exposure needed since he was able to star in other Hollywood movies. For Dairy of a Mad Housewife movie, he was given the Golden Globe nomination.

He won the Golden Globe for the role he played for the hit comedy called Sunshine Boys where Walter Matthau was a star and also won the Golden Globe for the role. George Burns got the Oscar for the role in the film.

Richard Benjamin tried his hands first for small screen but afterwards, he returned to the big screen like an actor and a director for Marci X and Lisa Kudrow was a co-star. He is the father to Ross Benjamin and Prentiss Benjamin. For Richard, he has to wait for 15 years to be able to establish the screen persona but his wait become rewarding and even if his net worth has not been disclosed yet, it is believed to be big enough.

Last Modified: Apr 9, 2020

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