Reina King is an actress and also an entertainment producer. She is most famous for being the sister of award winning actress, Regina King.


Reina King was born in 1975 in the city of Los Angeles in California. Her father is Thomas King and he worked as an electrician while her mother Gloria King was a teacher who worked in the special education field. Her parents divorced when she was just the young age of 4. She and her sister, Regina King were the only children in the family. The names of the two sisters mean the queen and one is in Latin and the other one is in Spanish.

Acting Career

Reina started to act when she got the role of Carolyn in the year 1985. In the popular sitcom role, she was playing the adopted child of Nadine and Roger. She was on the show for a year. It was a popular television adaption of the movie What’s Happening.

She played the Tiffany James role in the movie Maid to Order in the year 1987. She appeared in a single episode of the sitcom 227. She played a role as Rhonda in a movie called To Sleep with Anger. She was involved into a short film called Hollow Space, where she played the young mother of Corliss Young.

Giving Back To Her Faith

Reina King is a very devoted and religious woman. She has no issues with using her excess funds to donate to her faith. She believes in giving back to causes that she supports. She was the executive producer of black religious film called “Let the Church Say Amen”. The film was based on the best-selling novel by ReShonda Tate Billingsley. The film was so highly acclaimed that it was included in the First Annual International Faith & Family Film Festival at Mega Fest 2013.

The film struck a chord with Reina because of the plot of the story. In the film, a young woman named Rachel Jackson played by Naturi Naughton is the daughter of a preacher who is having a troubled life but is making attempts at fixing herself. She was raising a six year old son on her own and only had a high school diploma to her name. In the film, Rachel’s goal is to marry the father of her son so that she can form a traditional family. It is her wish to follow in tradition so that her father will respect her for being a righteous woman of God.

In an interview with After the Alter Call, the writer of the book, ReShonda Tate Billingsley spoke about her inspiration for writing the novel and how it felt to make a film with likes of the King sisters and Queen Latifah. When asked if she ever imagined that her novel would eventually become a movie, ReShonda said, “When I first start writing, I don’t do it with a movie in mind, but of course, like many authors, I dream for all of them to be on the big screen. It just doesn’t play a role in my writing process.”


ReShonda got some big time players involved in her film. She had no secrets to share and was happy to be open about the whole process of how she attracted so many powerful figures in the African American entertainment circle, “By being nice. I know that sounds like a cliché but I bought a book for a woman who didn’t have enough money for a book. She gave it to her sister who worked for an airport bookstore. One day, Juanita Bynum was in that store and the sister convinced Rev. Bynum to buy my book. Long story short, she did, loved it and got in touch with me to ask my permission to take it to Hollywood. “

Her novel had such a strong effect on Reina King and the other producers that they even ended up buying the rights to her other work, “The journey to where I am today was a long one, as we’ve had several delays over the years, funding issues, and normal “movie delays.” But Regina King, who was set to direct the movie and her sister/business partner Reina King, believed in the project and kept fighting for it. Eventually, they partnered with Queen Latifah’s Flava Unit and got a deal with BET, who was getting into original programming. They bought four of my other novels, including “Everybody Say Amen,” “Say Amen, Again,”and “I Know I’ve Been Changed.””

Famous Sister

Her sister, Regina King is both a great television and film actress. She was in the lead role of two TV shows that got Peabody awards. For her excellent acting performances, Regina has received two nominations as the best supporting actress in the drama series of the Critics’ Choice Television Award. Both sisters starred together in the sitcom, 227 under Brenda Jenkins. The two sisters became popular and they started to act around the same period but Regina has become more famous than Reina through their careers.

Personal Life

Being the sister of famous actress Regina King has forced Reina King to be very active in the social circles of the entertainment industry. People can see her pictures online since she likes to upload her photos on social media where she shares updates on her professional and personal life. People who want to see more of her or who like her sexy photos can find her on the social media sites. She uploads pictures on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. The pictures in her bikini reflect the perfect figure and the best legs that mesmerize all her fans. People like to look at her picture because of her great figure.

Her net worth is estimated to be over 10 million dollars and she got it by working in different movies and TV shows. She likes to keep her personal details and relationship information away from the public. She is not as public as her sister is when it comes to the press and media.

Last Modified: Apr 9, 2020

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