Shannon Spake

Shannon Spake was born in the year 1976 and she works as a correspondent for NASCAR on ESPN. This is for the automobile show where the cars of different companies do compete with one another in a league format. She covers for the NASCAR series and form a pit on each race day. She is a contributor for the NASCAR countdown together with NASCAR no at ESPN. She had appeared on the SportsCenter and this is the new program that forms all the categories on the ESPN and on the current situations and their progress. Besides an obsession on NASCAR, she had been aside line for different sports that are taking place in the state. Because ESPN has different channels for the viewers, it covers also the domestic games for the states. She has always been reporting about the games such as football and basketball from the sidelines on ESPN. She is now working on the program like an assistant in the news channel where she is an assistant in the news channel called SEC network which is the part of the ESPN network.

Before working on ESPN, she had been in charge of reporting for other sports channels. She was the host for NASCAR National Speed Channel. She was the co-host of the talk show called Back Seat Drivers. She was working for the WCCB, Entertainment Network and Carolina Sports. Her long career was about the sports and she likes to talk about the sporting events and sports in general. She worked for Nickelodeon, MTV and CBS. At MTV, she was the production assistant. She completed and graduated in Florida Atlantic University and also joined the radio show to be in intern in the year 1999. Her career started officially in the year 1999.

Shannon is known to be a beautiful woman and she has attractive body. When she was reporting on ESPN like the sideline, people like the idea of her sexy and hot figure. She is tall with the height of over 5 feet and 6 inch.  She has sexy legs that make her to be glamorous. She has no record of too many boyfriends or divorce. She likes to keep most aspect of her life private but it is known that she is married and her husband is Jerry Mcsorley. They have twin children. They were married in Ireland and they now live together and they are happy.

She is always busy from the day she started her career and she continues to look energetic and young while on the air. Even if her net worth is yet to be disclosed, it is clear that she is successful in the industry. She is one of the 5 female correspondents to watch. She has a good profile in the 15 years of her career and she never got fired.

Last Modified: Apr 9, 2020

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