Catherine Ritchson

Catherine Ritchson’s biography is famous for her actor husband, Alan Ritchson. Alan is famous for his movies like Hunger Games, Black Mirror, TMNT: Out of Shadows, Blue Mountain State and others.

Personal life

Catherine married Alan in 2006. Their wedding was a private event. They did not announce their dating relationship, engagement or even the wedding. Later, wedding pictures were shared with the media, through Instagram. They are married for ten years and there is no sign of separation or even a slight dispute between them. They have three sons. Her eldest son is four years old, middle one is two years old and the youngest one is one-year-old. Alan posted that his third son is allowed only to be either a football player or a rapper. They never mentioned any of the pregnancies to the media. It is not surprising as they did not announce their marriage either.

Alan did not touch alcohol till he was 21. He has a great sense of humor and is crazy about football. He also writes and sings songs. Alan has a close relationship with his parents and there are no evidences to describe Catherine’s relationship with Alan’s parents. Even after three children, most of Alan’s fans do not know that he is married. They kept their marital relationship far away from the media. There is nothing that we know about Catherine’s personal life before marriage. It is assumed that she was not married before. She is not known to have mothered any child before her marriage. She was not engaged before. Alan was not married or engaged before meeting Catherine.

Since neither of them has given any interviews about their personal life, there are no details to where and how they met and how long they dated. Nobody knew that they were dating or when they were engaged. Catherine’s childhood including names of her parents are not known to media. They have kept their personal life under cover till their tenth anniversary. They posted family pictures for the anniversary on Instagram. There are a few wedding pictures in the internet too.

Alan started acting three years before he got married. In these three years, he is not known to have been in any relationship. He was not a part of any celebrity relationship, extra marital affair or other rumors. He is not seen with any woman in public to be rumored to be cheating his wife. Catherine is also not known to be associated with any man other than Alan, till date. None has come up to the media to express that they have dating either of them in the past.


Catherine is not known to be working now. With three children at home, it is handful for her. Her career field before she got married to Alan is not known to media. She is not known to be a very active social media user too. Her milestones in career and other job related details are not known to media. It is not known whether or not she was working before she met Alan. Since Catherine has no idea of giving any interview in near future, it is unlikely to know anything about her career life. Her net worth is not known to media while Alan’s net worth is more than three million dollars.

Last Modified: Mar 12, 2020

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