Leif Coorlim is the executive editor of CNN international. He is also famous for her wife, IshaSesay of CNN.

Personal life

Leif started dating Isha in 2008. He is three years younger to Isha. After dating for five years, they announced their engagement in the beginning of 2013 and got married in August 2013. Some reports state that they were friends before 2011 and started dating just two years before engagement. Since neither of them has not commented on this, the exact dating period is not known. Leif stated that Isha planned the wedding for eight months. They planned on conducting the wedding in Mandarin’s English Garden but, the weather did not permit them to do so. They moved the event to indoors at the last minute. There was news about seeing them in airport, the very next day. There were no details to where they had their honeymoon. After honeymoon, they never gave any interview about their marital life and how it is going on between them now. It is assumed to be smooth as there are no rumors of marital fights or even misunderstandings.

There is no news about baby surprises. Their marriage is going steady. They got are in love with each other and it is understood that there is very less chance of divorce rumors in the near future. After marriage, they never shared anything about her personal life. Both of them are not known to have been married or parented before they met. Leif is not known to have been engaged before.

Past girlfriends of Leif are not known to media. Isha’s past romantic life is away from media. No one has ever come up to media to state that they have dated Isha or Leif in the past. It is assumed that they were never a part of any celebrity relationship in the past. They were never a part of any rumors that involved extra marital affair. His personal life came into limelight after his romantic affair with Isha caught media’s attention. He became the fiancé of IshaSesay, daughter of KadiSesay. He never gave any interviews about his childhood. Thus, his personal family life, childhood, parents, siblings and even net worth are not known to media. His relationship with Isha’s parents are not known to media.


Leif started as a journalist and is now the executive editor of CNN Freedom project. he is an award winning journalist who has worked on hundreds of stories. He has helped CNN win two dozens of awards in the industry including humanitarian awards for his works on modern day slavery.

He joined CNN in 2008. His past job experiences are not known to media. He started producing documentaries throughout the world. His famous documentaries include Mirador: the forgotten city, A climate change catastrophe and many others. He came into limelight after his engagement to IshaSesay who is a Leonean journalist. Isha is famous for her job, her mother who is a feminist and Sierra Leonean politician, KadiSesay. We know a lot about Isha through biography of Kadi and her political milestones. In case of Leif, he has kept his personal life way beyond the claws of media. Thus, this career before his engagement is never known to public.

Last Modified: Mar 12, 2020

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