Heidi Watney is a sportscaster who is a reporter and host for MLB network. She became famous after her sportscasting roles at New England Spots and Time Warner Cable SportsNet. She is also popular for her Red Sox love affair.

Personal life

Heidi is 35 years old in 2016. She was born in 1981 in Fresno. Details about her parents, siblings and childhood are not known to media. She attended West High School. During her schoolings, she participated in many sports including diving, hurdles and also cheerleading.

She started dating Jason Varitek in 2008. Jason was a catcher in Red Sox who played from 1997 till 2011. There were rumors about intimacy between them in a bar in 2008, especially before his divorce from his first wife of more than ten years. Neither of them commented on the rumor. He got divorced in 2008.

Later, Jason dated Catherine Panagiotopoulos in 2011 and got married. This caused a lot of rumors between Heidi and Jason to die. But, less than a year of marriage, Jason broke up with his second wife and there were rumors that his relationship with Heidi was the reason. Heidi responded to the rumors stating that there was no relationship between her and Jason. Catherine also agreed on Heidi’s comment. Heidi and Jason has still not talked about the rumors involving Heidi and his first marriage. There are no details to prove that he dated Heidi after his break up with Catherine.

Heidi boyfriends after Jason are not known to media. In 2014, her marriage with Mike Wickham became viral. There are no details to when and where she met Mick and how long they were dating. Neither Mick nor Heidi talked about their personal life, marriage or their love affair in media. It is said that both of them are workaholic and they did not have time for such personal interviews. Mick is the assistant director of San Diego Padres. They got married on New Year’s Eve. There were many pictures of them in internet in wedding ceremony. Now-a-days, they share a lot of sports related pictures. Their marriage is going smooth, without any problems or marital fights. It is assumed that their marriage will go strong with no rumors of separation in the near future. Even after these many years of marriage, they never talked about their marital relationships.

Heidi was not married or engage before. Mike’s biography came into limelight after his marriage with Heidi and thus, this past romantic relationships are not known to media. It is assumed that he was not married before Heidi.


She took up her graduation with National Merit Scholarship and graduated with honors in 2003. She even became runner up in Miss California pageant. She started her career as Boston Red Sox reporter. She shifted to NESN in 2008. She also was a radio host for ESPN radio 1430 KFIG and sports anchor for KMPH-TV. In 2011, she became sideline reporter for Time Warner Cable SportsNet. In 2012, she left the job and joined with MLB network. She is famous for her weeknight show, Quick Pitch. She also appeared in a music video, Going Out in Style. Her net worth is assumed to be more than three million dollars but, Heidi has not officially announced the same.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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