Emma Kenney is an actress who is famous for her roles in Shameless, Epic and others. She is better known as Debbie Gallagher of Shameless.

Personal life

Emma is just 17 years old in 2016. She was born in 1999 in New York and was raised in New Jersey. She lives with her parents, Gillian and Kevin. She is a young artist who started acting from the age of five. It is said that she took up improve classes when she was young. She is currently single. She said that she has a crush with Allen White, her co-star. Immediately, she changed the sentence as it was her past crush and she currently has brotherly feelings with him. There is no detail to what made her change her decision.

She does not have any siblings. Her mother is over-protective of her. She comes from a non-celeb background with her father being a businessman and her mother being a homemaker. There is another report that her father is an attorney and her mother is a sportswriter and she has a brother. Emma has not commented on either of the news and thus, her parents’ actual professions and number of people in her house are unknown as of now. She is too young be have been married or mothered in the past. She is not seen with anyone in public to be rumored as her boyfriend. She is said to be juggling school and acting.

Her past boyfriends, if any are not known to media. She talks a little about her career and milestones and nothing about her personal life. She talked about her childhood crush once in an interview. She likes to keep her childhood and personal life very much away from the eyes of the media. Her parents have never talked about Emma or her personal life in any media. She gives out little information about her childhood in snapchat to her fans.


Emma was interested in acting from a young age. She appeared in a lot of advertisements and commercials when she was young. She also did a few voiceover roles. When she was eight, she found her manager who got her a role in a short film, ‘The New Girl in Town’. The role in the movie took her to the next level in her career. Her first film experience came in 2008 in a short film named ‘Lyre Liar’. She also took up other small roles in movies like Bittersweet, Three Little Puppets and others. She was the voice of Marigold Girl in Epic. Side by side; she was concentrating on TV series too. She did some small roles and guest appearances in a few series and ended up in her career changing role as Debbie in Shameless in 2011. She makes $12,000 per episode with 4% increment per every episode for Shameless. She is praised for her role as a teenage pregnant girl in Shameless and most probably, a teenage mother in the upcoming episodes. She has a hefty net worth but has not revealed it to public. She is active in social media site and is also famous for her snapchat q&a.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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