Brad Womack is an American businessman who became internationally famous when he appeared twice on the hit reality show The Bachelor. His first appearance was on Season 11 of the show and he appeared for another time on Season 15. As part of his popularity, he was invited on various other talk TV shows such as The Ellen DeGeneres Show and Jimmy Kimmel Live!. This is a biography of this handsome personality.

Early Life

Brad Womack was born as Stephen Bradley Womack on November 10, 1972. He is now 43 years old. He was born in Atlanta in the state of Georgia. He comes from a family of businessmen. He grew up with two brothers, one of whom is his twin named Chad. The other brother has the name Wesley. He spent his childhood in Atlanta and when he entered teenage, the Womacks moved to the state of Texas and made a home in the city of Livingston.

Brad Womack is an alumnus of the Texas State University at San Marcos. He studied only till the age of nineteen, after which he devoted his time to learning about oilfields. He researched on them for close to a decade.

Later on, he developed a special interest in entering business. He chose the hospitality industry and set up a bar business. Soon, he made enough profits to set up several other bars. Today, the Womack brothers own a chain of bars all over Texas.

Time on The Bachelor

Womack appeared twice on The Bachelor. The first time was during the Season 11 of the show which aired in 2007. He set strict tests for all the bachelorettes and the two finalists who made it to the last episode were Jenni Croft of Wichita, Kansas and Deanna Pappas of Newnan, Georgia. However, he rejected both the finalists on the last episode, which was a first for the show. This left both finalists in tears and he became the most hated man in America.

He appeared again on the show in 2011 for the Season 15. During this season he chose 30 contestants instead of 25 as was usually done. Among the participants was Emily Maynard from Morgantown, West Virginia. She was the girlfriend and fiancée of NASCAR driver Ricky Hendrick at that time, but she ended up being chosen as the winner by Brad Womack.

Personal Life

Emily Maynard stayed Womack’s girlfriend for some time after The Bachelor but they split up soon after. After the show, he was dating Ashlee Frazier, another contestant on The Bachelor who was on the show in 2013. Reports of the current status of their relationship are not confirmed.

There is no news of Brad Womack being married. As long as the world is concerned, he still remains a very eligible bachelor.

Currently, he is occupied with his bar business. The Womack brothers have had a huge surge in their business owing to Brad’s popularity on The Bachelor. They have set up several new branches, their newest one being an establishment called The Marq. His present net worth is estimated to be around $500 thousand.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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