Daryn A. Kagan, then a future broadcast journalist, was born on 26th January in the year 1963. She drew the first breath in California’s Beverly Hills in a middle class family. Her family had Jewish roots. It is also known that the ancestors of Daryn Kagan emigrated from Russia. She has two siblings: an older brother, named Mark, and a younger sister, named Kallan.


At first, Daryn Kagan studied at the Beverly Hills High School, from which she graduated in 1981. Thereafter, she majored Media Arts at the California’s Stanford University, graduating in 1985.

Career Experience

Daryn Kagan obtained her first working experience at the KEYT-TV, a TV station based in her native Santa Barbara, where she was invited after her graduation from Stanford. Thereafter, she moved on to work at the KTVK, an independent TV station based in Arizona’s Phoenix, where she became in charge of general assignment reporting. In addition to her current job, she took on another job of a sports anchor on weekends.

Later, however, the Phoenix-based channel refused to renew Kagan’s contract, and so she accepted an offer from CNN/SI, CNN’s 24-hour channel of sports news, to become their correspondent and anchor. During her work at the CNN/SI, Daryn Kagan reported on such events like the championships of international figure skating, which took place in Russia, playoffs of the NBA, and the Super Bowl. However, after she got positive recommendations at the sports channel, she was hired by CNN to work at their news office as a main correspondent and news anchor at the channel.

It definitely was the brightest period of her career. Then, she covered such events like mid-term and presidential elections, sniper attack investigation at Washington, D.C., and the Gulf War II. While being a main correspondent of the CNN news office, she travelled a large number of times to the Middle East and Africa. She was also one of the reporters who were constantly on the air after the terrorist attacks on 11th September in the year 2001. While working at the channel, however, the journalist was several times pranked via calls from TV shows like “The Howard Stern Show.”

In 2006, Daryn Kagan left the channel after it decided not to renew the contract with her. After her leave from the CNN, the journalist founded her own media source, the website DarynKagan.com. After several years of hard work, her website could boast content that includes a couple of documentary films, books, and radio. The first documentary of hers, named “Breaking the Curse”, won a Gracie Award for the prominent documentary.

Personal life

In 2004, Daryn Kagan started to date Rush Limbaugh, a host of a radio talk show. However, they did not celebrate a wedding with her could-be-husband later but broke up in 2006. Up to date, the journalist is not married so far, and there is no credible information about her boyfriend.

Daryn Kagan is well known for her love towards animals, and she adopted a few cats and dogs from shelters.

She has also been remembered thanks to her wonderful quotations, one of which is such: “Bad things do happen in the world, like war, natural disasters, disease. But out of those situations always arise stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.”

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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