Greg Gumbel, then a future famous sportscaster, was born on 3rd May in the year 1946. He drew the first breath in New Orleans, Louisiana, where he was born in the family of Rhea Alice LeCesne and Richard Gumbel. His father worked as a judge. Greg Gumbel has also two younger sisters: Rhonda Gumbel-Thomas and Renee Gumbel Farrahi. He has a brother named Bryant Gumbel. Even though Greg was born in New Orleans, he was raised mostly in Chicago.


In Chicago, Greg Gumbel studied at the De La Salle Institute and successfully graduated from it. Later, he received a Bachelor’s degree in English after his graduation from the Loras College, located in Iowa’s Dubuque.

Career Experience

At first, Greg Gumbel worked in Detroit, Michigan, where he was as a seller of hospital supplies. However, after he got to know about auditioning for a free vacancy of a sports announcer at the WMAQ-TV, he attempted to get the job and succeeded. Thereafter, he spent 7 years at the channel.

Later, however, he worked for various channels and radio stations, such as WFAN radio, ESPN, and MSG. At the ESPN, he was an anchor of the “SportsCenter” show. At the MSG channel, Greg Gumbel worked as an announcer on sport events as well as he hosted various pre- and postgame programs.

However, it was the CBS that brought incredible fame to him. In 1988, Greg Gumbel became an announcer of NFL, even though it was a part-time job. A year later, he started to announce college basketball, too. In the period between 1990 and 1993, he was a co-host of “The NFL Today” show. While at the channel, he prepared a lot of analytical sports reports as well as he covered such events like the Olympic Games in 1992 and 1994.

After CBS lost several broadcasting contracts, Greg Gumbel had to move to NBC Sports. During the period of his work there, the sportscaster has prepared a large of various programs, reports, and play-by-plays. Indeed, he hosted the coverage of the Olympic Summer Games in 1996 that took place in Atlanta, Georgia. Greg Gumbel also was a host of the “The NFL on NBC” program.

After a decent period of time, Greg Gumbel returned to the CBS. At first, he covered college basketball games, such as the men’s basketball tournament of the NCAA. Moreover, he continues to cover the tournaments up to now. During his work at the CBS channel, he has been remembered mostly thanks to his basketball and football programs, where he has been a lead announcer (such as “NFL on CBS”, where he was a lead announcer in 1998-2003).

Up to date, his net worth is believed to be equal to $16 million. However, his salary remains unrevealed.

Personal life

Greg Gumbel is married to Marcy Gumbel. Together with his wife, he grew up a daughter named Michelle (and she is also married now). All members of the family live in Florida’s Fort Lauderdale.

Unfortunately, the sportscaster is not present on social media like Twitter. His brother, Bryant Gumbel, has struggled to fight cancer of the lungs.

The height of Greg Gumbel is 1.75 meters.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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