American sportscaster and journalist Bryant Gumbel is famous for his outspoken, professional and disciplined attitude in sports grounds and political arena. He was the first who announced the news of 11 September to his CBS viewers. He is working as news and sportscaster since 1972.

Childhood and Education

Bryant Gumbel is an American national. He was born on 29th of September, 1948 in New Orleans. His father was judge and mother was city clerk. He is a younger brother of American sportscaster Grey Gumbel. He studied at De La Salle institute and then in 1970 graduated from Bates College.

Marital Life

Gumbel married to two ladies. First one was June. The couple has two children. They brought them up in semi-rural area. He divorced her in 2001 and after divorce he immediately married to Marry Hilary and still living with her.


NBC SPORTS: Gumbel started his career as sportscaster in 1972. Before working as sportscaster he was an editor of “Black Sports Magazine”. After 3 years working at KNBC-TV. In 1975 he finally reached the goal and got job at NBC Sports. His first show on NBC was “Grand Stand”. In this show he was co-host of Jack Buck. Gumbel hosted several shows for the channel College basketball and National Football League were two of them. He also covered 1988 summer Olympics.

Today: Gumbel started working with Today Channel. In the channel he got job of Chief reporter who reports sports. The show named “Sportsman of the week” in which new talents were introduced. Gumbel was very famous anchor and sportscaster of Today’s Channel. He served the channel for 15 long years.

CBS: After doing long service in “Today” Gumbel joined CBS. From 1997-98, he hosted CBS prime time show. It was the magazine show which episode “Public Eye with Gumbel” won award. Other than magazine show, Gumbel did many other shows at CBS, “The Early Show” which was on-aired in 1999. He left the show in 2002 and in the same year he started doing morning shows. He also did show ABC’s “The View” for many days. Beside sports casting and journalism Gumbel also starred in a film “The Weather Man”.


Gumbel is very professional and devoting person. He gives his whole life to serve his profession. He is honest and industrious. For his hard work he achieved many awards. He won 4 Emmy awards, international Journalism Award, 3 NAACP awards and journalist of the year awards are some of them.

Gumbel is an American journalist and sportscaster. He is very much famous for his nature of discipline. He is very professional. His style of working is outstanding. In American journalism he is a big name. He worked with all the famous channel of America. He worked day and night to serves his country. He is not only a good sportscaster but also a very generous person. He hate human violence and against all the organizations which are advocating weapon. Gambel is still serving as a sportscaster and journalis.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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