Billy Campbell

Billy Campbell, born as William Oliver Campbell, has cast in various movies and TV shows and thus, is popular in the American television and film industry, as an actor. His renowned television works include Once and Again, Dynasty, Tales of the City, Crime Story and The 4400. His famous film works, on the other hand, include Enough and Bram Stoker’s Dracula as well as The Rocketeer.

Personal Life

Based on Billy’s IMDb biography, the actor celebrated his birthday on 7th July. He recently turned 58 years of age (in 2017). He was born in Virginia, U.S.A. With regards to his childhood life, Billy is a child that has been subjected to live in a home marked by divorce. At the time of his parent’s divorce, Billy was only two years. As a result, Billy was caught up in the middle of choosing between his father who resided in Chicago and his mother who chose to remain in Virginia. Although born in a family of six children, only two of Billy’s siblings are known – John Campbell and David Campbell.  

People did not believe that Billy would be an actor. This is because Billy, as a child, was interested in rugby. Most people thought the child would grow to become a sportsman but apparently, this wasn’t so. Regarding his schooling, Campbell attended the Western Albemarle High School from where he is thought to have started thinking of pursuing acting later on in life.

Most of Campbell’s fans are of the female gender as they are drawn by his seductive eyes. Frequent viewers of his Instagram page agree that his sexy photos display his allure. With regards to Campbell’s dating life, the actor was involved with Virginia Madsen for 7 years before their break up. Later on, in 1990, the actor again started dating Jennifer Connelly and ‘stayed in love’ for 5 years. Aside from these two relationships, nothing has since been reported regarding Billy’s love affairs or news of the actor being married.

Career Life

Billy Campbell’s career is not without a nomination. The actor was graced with a Golden Globe nomination. This nomination was something to find pride in as it proved of Billy acting prowess and positive reception from his audience. This, however, is the only nomination Campbell has received so far. But he has much to appreciate his career for, including his fame and $2.5 million net worth. 

Before accruing such success in his career, Billy has undergone many struggles – his career journey commenced in the 1980s. However, his persistency and effort finally bore fruit. Today, his movies, as well as TV shows, can be viewed on YouTube. During his start, Billy appeared in Family Ties which was a TV show in 1980. His fame, however, grew widely after his cast in Dynasty some time later. Apart from this, Campbell has as well cast in Star Trek: the Next Generation. With the reception of numerous esteemed awards, the actor is believed to pocket a huge salary although the numerical statistics are unknown.

Last Modified: Mar 8, 2020

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