As an Australian actress, Nicole da Silva became a popular personality as a result of playing in Wentworth taking on the character of Franky Doyle. In addition to this, her international acclaim was as well contributed by the drama dubbed Rush where she played as Constable Stella Dagostino. Based on Nicole’s IMDb biography, the actress has earned various esteemed nominations in several awards including the Graham Kennedy Logie Award and Monte Carlo Television Awards due to her exemplary performances in different movies and TV shows. Most of Nicole’s lifestyle flaunts can be closely followed on her Instagram by her fans.              

Personal Life

The September-born actress, Nicole Da Silva, was brought up in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, and spent a majority of her childhood there with her parents who hail from Portugal. Nicole’s parents are said to come from Algarve. Judging from the way Nicole is eloquent and fluent in Portuguese, suffice it to say, her parents instilled the Portuguese culture in her. Apart from that, Nicole’s biography has less to speak of her childhood days including her parents’ names and those of her siblings, if any.

Unfortunately, the public domain is oblivion to Nicole’s schooling more so her primary education. However, as it relates to her higher education life, Nicole joined the University of NSW from where she pursued Arts. With time, as Nicole’s career started picking up, the young Australian actress abandoned the university to study dramatics at the University of Western Sydney so as to have a good mastery of her art.

Apparently, Nicole’s life has been marked with various highlights including being recently adorned with the honors for National Champion of UN Women Australia. She was graced with the honor as a result of her fervency in supporting gender equality as well as women’s empowerment across the nation.  

Career Life

Nicole’s professional career kicked off back in 2005. During this time, Nicole Da featured on All Saints as Sasha Fernandez. Despite being an industry newbie, Nicole’s character received much appreciation from her audience. Two years later, she was in a TV series known as Dangerous where she played Erica Eulestra. This was a role that brought the actress much appraisal and opened the door for Rush, a TV drama, where Nicole played as a Senior Constable by the name of Stella Dagostino.

In 2009, Nicole landed another role as Lisa Testro in the movie Carla Cametti PD. As her career came of age, Nicole was given a role in Wentworth where she characterized Frankly Doyle. This unexpectedly became Nicole’s much celebrated and most famous work of all her works thereby gaining her much prominence. However, she currently plays in Doctor Doctor as Charlie.

Nicole’s career cannot be mentioned without talking about her awards and nominations in various awards including her nomination in the much coveted Most Outstanding New Talent. Alongside the nomination, the Australian scoped the ASTRA Award as the Most Outstanding Performance. These achievements have contributed to Nicole’s $2 million net worth since each performance proves to bring about more success.

Last Modified: Mar 8, 2020

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