Jim Norton’s IMDB biography shows that this American actor, as well as writer, was born in New Jersey in 1968 as James Norton. Some of Jim’s notable works include Jim Norton: Mouthful of Shame, Spider-Man, and Comedian. Apart from being an actor, Jim is as well a radio personality and comedian with a $6 million net worth. Jim’s net worth is attributable to his performances and features in standup comedy, movies and TV Shows including the Opie & Anthony Show. Norton’s Instagram account is @jimnorton.

Personal Life

With regards to his parents, Jim’s mother and father were a librarian and a former army and marine reservist respectively. He has a sibling sister, named Jessica. It was in North Brunswick that Jim grew up in. However, he was in a rebellious period during his teenage years. For instance, at age 13, he had already become a heavy drinker mostly taking grain alcohol and vodka. He preferred these drinks as they made him drunk quicker thereby relieving the discomfort feeling he had when not drunk. In his narrative, Jim explains that the discomfort feeling was based on his shyness, insecurity, and feeling of weakness.

Later on, at age 16, Jim was driven by the unquenchable thirst for attention which led the teenage boy into cutting himself using razor blades. However, he claimed that it was drunkenness that led him into such crap. With time, Jim’s addiction caused him to often sneak in alcohol at school. On realizing this, his parents took him to a rehab aiming to save their teenage boy before the situation worsened.

During this time, Jim missed his high school graduation but completed the course after a behavioral change at 18. But since 1986, never has Jim ever indulged in alcoholism again. After three years of sobriety, Jim joined the Middlesex County College.

Jim Norton recently made news after defending Bill Maher’s use of the N-word. In Maher’s defense, Jim strongly claimed that the use of the word should be limited to the intentions of the user more so since the usage rules are seemingly arbitrary. That is to say, although the use of the term might be deemed offensive, it is necessary to consider the context before making any ambiguous conclusions. In other words, no double standards should be placed on the usage of the word in a statement since a majority of the artists and entertainers employ the word in most of their works.  


Norton’s career took off in 1990 after which he spent much time establishing his act. Seven years down the line, Norton featured in The Louie Show. Norton’s talent and performance caught the eyes of Andrew Dice Clay, a renowned comedian, who decided to take Norton along with him in his tour for three years. Jim’s exposure was increased by co-hosting the Opie & Anthony Show after which he starred in Lucky Louie, a sitcom before featuring in Spider-Man. Norton has as well engaged in the production of various stand-up specials such as American Degenarate, Please Be Offended, Monster Rain and A Mouthful of Shame

Last Modified: Mar 8, 2020

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