David Sandomierski

David Sandomierski is a very qualified lawyer from the University of Toronto. He is more recognisable to us as the husband of the talented actress, Sarah Polley.

Personal life

David Sandomierski was born in Canada. His entire family belonged to a political background. David was the only child of his parents and as he was born in a well-to-do family; he never faced any kind of financial problems. He was provided with the best educational facilities from his childhood days. He has always received every luxury and comfort during the period, when he was growing up. He always took great interest in political issues and as he belonged from a family with a great political history; he had enough scope to discuss about such matters. David, after graduating from his high school, pursued his further education in law. He continued with his law education for five years.

During the time of his university days, he met with Sarah Polley in a get-together program. Both of them met through one of their common friend and a bond of friendship developed between two of them. Sarah has faced many hurdles in her personal life from her parents as well as from her ex-husband but when she came across David, she seemed to forget all the causes of pain and difficulties in her life.

According to Sarah, as she has said in one of her magazine interview, that David has loved her despite all the faults and failures in her life. She has also considered herself lucky enough to have received such a friend and husband in her life. Sarah, after recovering from her depression, married David Sandomierski in the year 2011 on August 23. David always used to understand Sarah and tried to fill the gaps in her life which were created from her previous experiences. The couple is quite happy with each other.

In the year 2012, on February 7, their elder daughter Eve came into their lives. After two years, in the month of August during the year 2014, their second daughter was born. The four seem to be quite happy in their family life. Though recently, an article has been published suggesting that the couple is going to expect their third child, it has been denied by the couple.


David Sandomierski has achieved his Master’s degree in Political Science from the University of Toronto and also the Bachelor’s degree in Civil and Common Law from the McGill University. His career progress has always remained quite high. He started his career as a Parliamentary intern in the year 2002 and also to the Chief Justice of Canada as a Law Clerk.

Recently, he has been honoured with the PhD degree in Law by the University of Toronto. He was also awarded with a medal and scholarship due to his excellent research which has focused on the capacity of legal education. Presently, David is imparting his role as a teacher in the upper level of ARTSSCI 4CA3 / Legal Inquiry. This course has been recently started and helps the student to gain confidence in their field of education.

Last Modified: Mar 8, 2020

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