Bonnie Bedelia is a famous actress from America. She is very famous in the New York Film industry for her works.

Personal life

 Bonnie Bedelia was born in the year 1948 on March 25. She was born in the New York City. She was the daughter of Marian Ethel and Philip Harley Culkin. Bonnie also had an elder brother named Kit Culkin. Her mother was a famous writer as well as an editor and her father was also a famous journalist as well as a film producer. When Bonnie was born to the family, a major financial breakdown took place in the family.

One of the films which was produced by her father became a flop and he almost became bankrupt. Their financial condition went down so much that they had to leave their own house and had to shift to a small apartment. She could not enjoy the mere luxuries and comforts of life due to the poverty. Bonnie’s mother also passed away when she was only fourteen years old. She had to go to a local school to receive education. It was a local school in the suburban areas of New York. Bonnie always took a great interest in dramas and always participated in the school competitions and in local drama events.

She has always been praised for her beauty by her friends. As she grew up, she developed a keen interest towards theatres and films. It was during this time of her life that she decided to be an actress. Within some years, she was able to fulfil her dreams. In the year 1969, she married Ken Luber with whom she separated during the year 1980 due to a personal conflict. In the year 1995, she again married Michael MacRae whom she was dating for several years. The couple also have two children and they are leading a happy and peaceful life.


 Bedelia started her career in the year 1958 but initially, she was a famous ballet dancer. It was her dance which fetched him the opportunity of appearing on the silver screen from a big production house in New York. Even in her first onscreen role, she was given the role of Clara, as a dancer. This chance was given to him by the George Balanchine Nutcracker in the film Playhouse 90. Bedelia’s first successful film was ‘Gypsy Moths’ which was released in the year 1969.

However, her innovative role as a pregnant dancer in the film ‘They Shoot Horses, Don't They?’ was widely appreciated. She got the chance of playing leading roles in many popular films such as Lovers and Other Strangers, the Strange Vengeance of Rosalie, Between Friends, The Big Fix. She has also been casted in the television series The New Land as the lead actress. In 2010, Bedelia was casted in one of the NBC television series named as Parenthood in the role of Camille Braverman for five years.

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