Angel Mccoughtry

Angel McCoughtry is among America’s celebrated professional basketball players whose name gained prominence after playing for Atlanta Dream that is in the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA).


It was in Baltimore, Maryland that Angel grew up in and attended St. Frances Academy before pursuing an academic eligibility in NCAA Division I at The Patterson School which is situated in North Carolina – for only a year. Despite her 6'1" height, Angel is known for her number 35 jersey and flaunts her pictures and posts on social media including her Twitter account (angel_35).

For instance, she recently posted on Instagram showing off her fiancée coupled by a heartfelt message: she expressed that despite being discriminated and losing family and friends as well as being considered a disgrace to her religion, she considers love the greatest feeling. These Instagram posts proved that Angel has no boyfriend, and triggered mixed reactions.   

In fact, McCoughtry notes that she received myriads of threats from her last overseas team forcing her to post on social media a message claiming that her relationship was not real. But despite the threats of being suspended, Angel remained unmoved or unshaken in her belief of love. Instead, Angel maintains that she won’t change her love life simply because the vast majority thinks it wrong.

In her words, McCoughtry states that people only talk negatively because it is in the human nature to be judgmental. In her defense, Angel claimed that she doesn’t feel condemned by God even when she prays despite God being the ultimate authority over her life.  


Angel McCoughtry attended the University of Louisville from where she pursued her college degree in 2009. However, despite having graduated from the University, Angel decided to indulge herself into professional basketball playing. Surprisingly, Atlanta Dream as the first overall during the WNBA Draft in 2009. As a result, Angel became Dream’s franchise player. In addition to that, Angel has played in Russia, Turkey, Hungary, Lebanon and Slovakia.

Angel is an exceptional basketball player, especially since she has been making unmatched records and still breaking them herself. For instance, in 2008, she set a second triple-double points record while playing for the University of Hatford. The year after, Atlanta Dream announced her as the player in the team’s first position following the WNBA Draft. It is these achievements that has steered her to becoming a player earning over $180,000 as her annual salary, which is apparently a salary envied by most sportswomen. Moreover, this energetic player is proud of her $1,080,000 net worth.   

Angel’s dominance of the court makes her a spirited player with her performance being attributed to a majority of the wins Atlanta Dream has been enjoying. She has numerously saved the game with her steals and scores. For instance, in 2014, during the WNBA payoffs, an ominous dunk was aimed down by an opponent player which many claimed was unstoppable; however, Angel seemed not to speak the same language as the rest as she displayed an unparalleled top-notch performance thereby saving the day.

Last Modified: Mar 8, 2020

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