Luke Mirchoff

Based on Luke’s IMDB biography, Luke is 32 years of age and the sibling to Beau Mirchoff, a renowned actor.


Luke is the firstborn son to Bill Mirchoff and Kelley Mirchoff, his parents. Luke has two siblings: Beau and Raeanna Mirchoff. In comparison to his brother, Beau Mirchoff, Luke is not popular, and his life is not largely documented on the internet. His younger brother is a well-known Hollywood actor who has played roles in movies, and TV shows such as the MTV series Awkward, Flatliners and I am Number Four. Beau is also a director and a producer. His dad, Bill, is a doctor of podiatrist medicine from California while Kelley, the mom, is a full-time homemaker.

Limited information with regards to Luke’s education and childhood life is available. However, it is known that Luke, while growing up, has lived in Seattle Washington, USA where his brother was born, but they moved to Victoria, Canada just two days after his brother’s birth. Luke and his brother played lacrosse before his brother took up acting professionally. It is, however, said that Luke still plays the sport at the semi-pro level.

Judging from the IMDB database, Luke is not recorded to have taken up acting roles in either TV shows or movies. There is only information of Beau available as it relates to acting. The 32-year-old gentleman’s social life is not publicized over the internet as well thereby making details of his partner, children or social media platforms remain unknown. Furthermore, even the little information on Luke Mirchoff does not disclose details of his occupation, earning and salary as well as his net worth.

Although Luke’s love life is anonymous, his brother, Beau, is known to date Jeanine Mason and the two are apparently having a blissful relationship. Suffice to say, Luke is proud of having Jeanine as a possible sister-in-law since she was the winner of the season 5 competition of the dance challenge ‘So You Think You Can Dance.’ Beau and Jeanine attended the same acting studio, but it took a party interaction for them to finally have a conversation. Beau then requested her for a date of which she gave a positive response. After noticing they had similar likings, and she was pretty, and with an admirable personality, Beau could not let her be single again.   


Apart from playing lacrosse, little is disclosed with respect to Luke’s career endeavors in the public domain. However, unlike Luke, Beau’s biography has much to disclose regarding his career life. For a start, Beau is a renowned Hollywood actor whose fame was majorly contributed by his cast in the Bubbly Stiltskin. Luke’s brother’s first feature presented itself in Scary Movie 4 where he took on a supporting role playing ‘Robbie Ryan’ in the movie. His career light started shining brighter by day as he landed a recurring role in Heartland, a CBC series. He was later assigned a lead role in a movie dubbed The Grudge 3 before playing Danny Bolen in Desperate Housewives.

Last Modified: Mar 8, 2020

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