Beau Mirchoff was born on 13 January 1989 in Seattle, Washington. His parents are of white ethnicity and have the American citizenship. He has been drawn towards acting since he was a child. He has to move to British Columbia for certain family reasons. His father worked as a podiatrist and his mother was a housewife. He also has a brother as well as sister. His parents have always been very supportive of his career choices. For his elementary schooling, he went to Mount Douglas Secondary School in British Columbia. He has been a very good student all throughout his education days. He often got good marks in school and was very attentive students and his teachers recall.

After completing his education he attracted searching for roles in movies. Thr roles, however, were hard to com by at first and he had to do small roles in advertisements and feature films. He later started to do plays to get some experience in acting and improve it. At the age of 15 years, he did a play called Bubbly Stiltskin.s This show was very primed for Beau's acting and now he was recognized by many of the directors in the industry. One director that was present in the audience selected him for a role in his movie. His first movie was Scary Movie 4 in which he played the role of Robbie Ryan. His role was of a supportive character and him justified it by giving a very decent performance which further caught the eye of many of industry's producers and directors.

A few years later he starred in the TV series Heartland which aired on CBS. This show was very famous at the time for its storyline and very good acting. He then got the chance to play a role in the movie The Grudge 3. This is a horror movie and has been considered as one of the most frightening movies. He did well in the movie. A year later he played a role in the movie Desperate Housewives which is an adult comedy. He played the role of Danny Bolan in the movie. In 2010 he appeared in the movie I Am Number 4 which was a superhero movie. His biggest role, however, came in 2011 when he got the role in the MTV show Awkward in which he played the role of the main character. This show was a teens show and became very famous in its prime.

He is currently dating Jeanine Mason and can be seen with is girlfriend from time to time in public. He has a good presence in the social media platforms such as facebook, twitter, and Instagram. He often posts pictures of his daily life on Instagram for his fans to see. He is still young nd has a lot to learn but of he continues to work this way he can achieve the very pinnacle of acting and become one of the stars in the industry. His net worth is currently not known.

Last Modified: Apr 11, 2020

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