Jon Falcone is a tour photographer who is famous for being married to Debbie Matenopoulos. Debbie is known for being the co-host of Home and Family which airs on the Hallmark Channel.


Jon Falcone works mainly as a photographer but he also has acting parts on his resume. He starred in Southland Tales and Friendly Fire in 2006. His reason for quitting acting is not known to media because his career was so short and Jon barely speaks on it. Jon never shared anything about his acting career with the media even when he deep in it. His milestones and success in his early career choice are non existent. He didn’t start to get traction in his work until he shifted his career to photography.

Photography Career

Fans of music love when they can go to a concert and see how their favorite artists engage with the crowd. They enjoy taking their phones out so that they can capture photos and videos of their beloved musicians. For some people, concerts are some of the most memorable moments in their lives. After the concert is over, photos of the event are spread all over the internet. The people behind the magic is people like Tom Falcone who works as a tour photographer.

For many months out of the year, Tom is out on the road to document the lives of musicians on tour. He gives his fans and fans of the musicians a backstage pass behind the scenes. He started out his career when he was just 17 years old. He couldn’t think of anything more exciting than to follow musicians as they lived out their extraordinary lives. Even though he had the passion for photography, he wanted to be equipped with skill so he decided to go to college.

He attended a two year stint at the New England School of Photography, located in Boston Massachusetts. He completed his schooling with flying colors and then decided to hit the road again. This time, he would be able to combine his learned skills with his natural eye to produce amazing shots.

His photography and videos end up on social media to promote the bands that he captures. In an interview with, Photo Video Edu, Tom was asked how he started to become a touring photographer, “There was a band that I grew up with and they had started touring. They were doing a little bit here and there, and then they started doing it nationally, and then they got signed. I was just taking pictures of them randomly at their studio and I would do weekend runs with them at smaller shows. It all started with friends. That’s how it is in this whole music scene. You just kind of need one person to get you in. You network and network, and eventually your work gets out there and you start touring, and people start liking you for who you are and giving you chances, and it all falls into place.”


One skill Tom learned during his career was to network with people as much as possible, “I was extremely young when I started and didn’t really think much of it, but I used MySpace and Facebook and Twitter and Instagram. That was a huge outlet to begin with, and then there was just talking to everyone at concerts and giving my photos out for free.
Everyone’s a photographer, you know. Everyone can easily snap a picture. You really need to pick and choose who you’re going to give your stuff away to. Obviously, some of the smaller artists are looking for content for free because they don’t have a lot of money, but the smaller bands will go on tour. The bigger bands will see all the photographers shooting for those artists, and if you’re a standout photographer you’re going to get recognized by those other people, because all of the musicians talk.”

Marriage to a Famous TV Personality

Jon and his wife, Debbie met each other through a mutual friend and started dating in 2012. Their dating life was never shared with media because they wanted to keep things private. Jon’s name never came up in the media until their eloping news became popular. In 2013, Debbie announced that she was four months pregnant and Jon eloped with Debbie to get married during a photo shoot for her book in Greece. She gave birth to a baby in October 2014.

Jon was not the first marriage for Debbie. She was previously married to the founder of Mammoth records, Jay Faires. She had a bitter divorce in 2008. She was married to him for six years before getting separated. They have a daughter together who visits her mother’s show every now and then.

Jon and Debbie announced that they will have a proper wedding after their daughter has grown older. Since Jon came into the public spotlight after the eloping incident, there is very little that the public knows about Jon’s childhood, previous girlfriends and other private details. It is assumed that it was Jon’s first marriage. Everything that the media knows about their marital life is through Debbie. Since Jon is very distant to the media, there is not much known about his side of their relationship.

Their marriage life is going smooth without any rumors of problems or affairs. It is assumed that their marriage life will be strong with no signs of divorce or separation in the near future. Debbie had a bad divorce in the past. It was so hard for her that she planned on ending her life after the divorce. She swore to media that she will never walk down the aisle in an interview in 2009. Jon somehow convinced her to tie the knot and start a new family.

Debbie’s net worth is 3.5 million dollars from her TV career but Jon has not revealed his net worth. He has made good money from his photography career but chooses to keep his financial information private.

Last Modified: Mar 12, 2020

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