Jennifer Connelly

Born on December 12th, 1970 there is no doubt that Jennifer Connelly is a famous film actress of American. She started her acting career very young as a child and she was a child model at a tender age. She also was famous in those days for various television, magazine and newspaper advertising roles. jennifer did her debut in the screen in 1984 in the film ‘Once Upon A Time In America’. Hence, it would not be out of place to mention here that she has been able to leave her impressions behind in a highly competitive industry. Let us have a look at the biography of Jennifer Connelly and get to know more about her.

Early Life

Jennifer Connelly was born in Cairo, New York in a place called by the name Catskill Mountains. Her father’s name is Gerard Karl Connelly and her mother is Ilene who was an antique dealer. Jennifer’s father was a clothing manufacturer. While her mother was Jewish her father was Roman Catholic. She did her early education at a Yeshiva. She was brought up in Brooklyn Heights near the Brooklyn Bridge. Connelly went to a private school and it was a school that specialized in arts. She had to move to New York and settled in a place called Woodstock because of her father’s illness.

Personal Life

As far as her personal life is concerned, Jennifer had quite a few affairs and relationships. She had an affair with her co star Billy Campbell and the relationship broke up after five years. It happened in 1996. Then she dated David Dugan and had a child out of this relationship by the name Kai who was born in 1997. She married actor Paul Bettany on January 1, 2003 and she has two children out of the marriage, Stellan and Agnes by names. Connelly is also famous for furthering the cause of environment and was the brand ambassador for Human Rights Education.

Net Worth

Jennifer Connelly is considered to be one of the wealthiest actresses in America. She is believed to have a net worth of $32 million which is fantastic to say the least.


Jennifer’s career has been quite successful and she acted in her first film in 1984 with the film Once Upon A Time In America where she was the young Deborah Gelly. This film of Jennifer Connelly met with success and since then she has acted in many films. The total number is around forty five and one film of her is scheduled for release in 2018 by the name Alita, Battle Angel.

Many of her films were nominated for various awards and this certainly made her popular with critics. Her small screen journey was also quite successful though it has been short and sporadic. It started with the episode tales of the unexpected in 1982 and the last episode was Snowpiercer where she did the role of Melanie Cavill. This is still not released and is expected to hit the small screen in 2018.

Last Modified: Mar 7, 2020

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