Lucie Arnaz

In this article, we will be looking at the life and achievements of Lucie Arnaz who has been able to make her presence quite strongly as a successful Hollywood actor, producer and singer. She was born on July 17, 1951 and she has been able to script a story of success, fame and achievement during her acting career. Hence it would be worthwhile to have a closer look at her life and achievements over the next few lines.

Early Life

Lucie was born and brought up in Los Angeles. However, till the age of ten she had perhaps lived in New York. Her schooling was in St Vincent Ferrer School. She also attended Roman Catholic Immaculate Heart High School. Her father was Desi Arnaz and her mom was Lucille Ball. She also is the sister of actor Desi Arnaz Jr.

Personal Life

Lucie is five feet, ten inches tall and has been endowed with very good look, features and an attractive body. She was therefore sought after by many men. She got married to Phil Vandervort whom she married in 1971. However, the marriage ended in divorce and she again got married to writer and actor Laurence Luckinbill. The second marriage took place on June 22nd 1980 and since then she has been leading an active and happy married life. She has three children by the names Simon, Katharine and Joseph. She also is a member of the Unity Church and is a devoted Christian.

Net Worth

Lucie has been around in acting for decades and therefore, it is not surprising to find out that she has a whopping $40 million as her net worth.


Lucie has been successful as a screen actress and also has left her impression behind in the small screen and also, the big screen. It would not be possible to list down all the achievements of Lucie Arnaz in detail. However, we will try and have a look at a few of the films and series and also drama work which she has done. This will give the readers a small idea as to the reason for her immense success. Arnaz started her drama debut with Seesaw in 1974 and since then she has been into different types of roles and the last one she did was a play called Pippin.

Lucie Arnez is famous for the Lucy Show which she started doing in 1962. She was Cynthia in this series. This propelled her as a famous TV actress. Since then she has fifteen different titles and the last one was Law & Order. Therefore she was an accomplished television actor.

Lucie also has left an indelible mark as far as the big screen is concerned and has acted in seven movies starting from Billy Jack Goes to Washington. Her last appearance in the big screen was The Thought Exchange. Hence, at the end of the day, it would be not out of place to mention here that she has been a successful actress, singer and producer cutting across different forms of exposure which goes a long way to prove here worth in her total career.

Last Modified: Mar 7, 2020

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