Albert Finney

Albert Finney is a renowned eighty-one year old British actor well known for his role in films like ‘Skyfall’, ‘Erin Brockovich’, ‘The Bourne Ultimatum’ and ‘Big Fish’.

Personal life

Albert Finney was born on 9th May, 1936 in Manchester, England to parents Albert Finney Sr. and Alice Finney in a middle-class family. His zodiac sign is Taurus and he belongs to the white ethnicity. He holds an English passport. He attended the Salford Grammar School and Tootal Drive Primary School before finally graduating from the prestigious Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in the year 1955. Later, Albert became a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company in England which was a huge achievement of his life considering his tender age. This was in early 1980s and Albert went on to perform for three seasons.

Albert Finney married his first wife Jane Wenham in 1957. The couple was blessed with a son named Simon Finney who currently works in the Hollywood film industry as a camera operator. The couple decided to divorce in 1961 due to some difference. Albert Finney then married his second wife Anouk Aimee, a very famous French actress, in the year 1970. This relationship lasted until 1978 when the couple decided to part ways. Years later, an old Albert Finney fell in love for the third time and married Pene Delmage in the year 2006. The couple are still together even after twelve years.

Unlike every other celebrity who resorts to social media for fun, Albert Finney cannot be searched on any such website. He happens to be a very private person who enjoys life away from media. As per his biography, he was diagnosed with kidney cancer for which he is still receiving treatment.


As stated earlier, Albert Finney’s career in theater began as soon as he graduated from college and got the opportunity to become a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company. Subsequently, Albert was given a role in the play ‘The Face of Love’. He made his first ever appearance on stage when he played in ‘The Party’ which was directed by Charles Laughton.

Later in 1959, Albert appeared in Coriolanus at Stratford wherein he replaced Laurence Olivier. He began doing lesser films once he directed his movie ‘Charlie Bubbles’. Albert is a multitalented personality. He also sang in two films named ‘Hollywood film version of Annie’ and ‘Scrooge’, both of which were directed by John Huston. He is also an established producer as he made several TV productions for the BBC.

Albert Finney enjoyed a lot of success in the film industry. He became a very famous figure in no time and besides the fame, he also started earning a hefty amount of money. His net worth today is $10 million and was once enlisted among the 10 richest actors in Hollywood industry. He is still associated with the National Theatre Company which is based in London. Albert used to enact in Shakespeare’s plays there. During the last six decades that Albert has been active, he has many accolades against his name. He surely will go down as one of the richest actors in the Hollywood industry.

Last Modified: Mar 7, 2020

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