Cassandra Peterson

Cassandra Peterson is a talented American actress who rose to prominence with her role in hit movies such as ‘Mistress of the Dark’, ‘Big Adventure’ and ‘Lost City of Gold’.

Personal life

Cassandra Peterson was born on 17th September, 1951 in Manhattan, Kansas. Her father Dale Peterson decided to shift to Colorado Springs, Colorado when Cassandra was only seven. She got bullied by the kids in Colorado for having scars on her body which she got as a toddler when she pulled a tub of hot eggs all over her. Hence, Cassandra became very shy after moving to Colorado and couldn’t mix with the other kids. But nobody knew that years later, Cassandra would enact as ‘Elvira’ in a legendary movie ‘Mistress of the Dark’ which would be inspired by her teenage experiences. She went on to graduate from the General William J. Palmer High School.

Cassandra’s mother owned a costume shop wherein she frequently used her daughter as a model. This aroused a keen interest in young Cassandra to become an actress one day. Cassandra has said that ever since she was a young child, she was fascinated by horror-themed toys instead of playing with Barbie girls like the other girls of her age. Today, Cassandra is a vegetarian and also appears in a funny Halloween-themed horror advertisement for PETA in which she can be seen raising awareness about vegetarian diet.

Cassandra Peterson got married to her manager Mark Pierson in the year 1981. They have a daughter named Sadie Peterson. For personal reasons, the couple divorced in February 2003. Since then, it hasn’t been reported that Cassandra has dated anyone. Cassandra Peterson is very active on instagram where she has over 332k followers. She keeps the fans updated about her work.


Cassandra Peterson honed her acting skills as a youngster by performing in local clubs. She got her ‘big break’ when she went on a trip to Las Vegas. She gave a successful audition for a show named ‘Vive Les Girls’ during 1969 and moved to Las Vegas for the same. Cassandra became the city’s youngest showgirls by doing so. While Cassandra was having the time of her life in Las Vegas, she dated the legendary Elvis Presley for a brief period and it was him who encouraged her to become a singer. Following Elvis’ advice, Cassandra shifted to Italy and joined an Italian pop-rock band and even enacted in the movie ‘Roma’ which was released in 1972.

Cassandra joined the ‘Groundlings Improv troupe’ in 1979 so as to enhance her acting and comedy skills alongside comedians like Phil Hartman and Paul Reubens. Cassandra recalls learning a lot under these two people and she even gives them slight credit for her role of Elvira. She said that Paul and Phil taught her to act fearlessly in front of a huge audience. It is clearly evident that Cassandra is a successful personality in the Hollywood film industry. Besides being an actress, she also earns from doing comedy. According to her biography, her net worth today is a whopping $2.5 million.

Last Modified: Mar 7, 2020

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